Every human has some personnel commitments and also has some truth to be expressed. Various people have explained about life with real experience and also by knowing about the purpose of life. There are several famous quotes about life that have to be followed by all people. The following are some of the famous quotes about life that are being explained by various celebrities. They are:


1) As per the sayings from an American actor “Will Rogers”, no body can understand other’s feeling until it really happens to a person personally. Sometimes, it may sound funny about an incident when it is heard from someone that has happened to another person. Such feelings can be experienced as well as understandable only if it happens personally. This may even make other harder to smile and also to feel depressed.



2)   This famous quote about life is mentioned by an Irish writer during the 19th century. Tragedies can be said in 2 ways. One is aiming for something and other one is embarrassment faced until achieving it. This may happen in many circumstances. Some people will aim for something and they may not achieve it at the needed time. Again in some case, those expectations will happen only at the unexpected time/ situation.



3)   Another good quote about life is as follows. “Always try to live the present as this day is going to be the last day and any one of the days will be the best day”. This quote will suit for the people who are trying for something. For instance, this saying will suit best to an entry level candidate who is searching a job for several months.



Similarly, there are various famous sayings about life that can be found in the internet and people can read them for getting motivated.



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