Sadly, with the downturn in the economy, there is a drastic increase in the number of people who are filing for unemployment benefits. However, you should know a few things before you visit your PA Unemployment Office, so you are more prepared for the process, the paperwork and the requirements. Filing for your unemployment benefits that your PA unemployment office is often very difficult and confusing. It seems that it simply compounds your stress of not having a job, and just draws on your self-esteem and your morale. Despite this, before you begin the paperwork to file for unemployment benefits at your PA unemployment office, you can easily register on their website and try to find a new job at the two websites that they have that offer employment information.

Some of the requirements that you will need to take to your PA unemployment office will prove that you are eligible to claim unemployment benefits. You will have to fill out certain paperwork, and if you log onto the Internet and find the PA unemployment office’s step-by-step guide, it can help you. In this way, you can complete a number of things that are required of you, prior to filing for your unemployment benefits. To ensure that you are eligible for unemployment insurance, you must have become unemployed through no fault of your own. What this means, is that you cannot have lost your job by being fired by your boss, or having your job terminated with a just cause.

You will have to file an initial application for unemployment benefits, which means that you have to actually apply for them. Once you have lost your job, unemployment benefits applications are not automatically filled out.

It is required that you have been unemployed for a period of at least one week after you file your claim for unemployment benefits. In addition, it is important to note that there is a waiting period before you will receive your first unemployment benefits check. There are also a number of services that you will need to perform under the unemployment compensation law, and your PA unemployment office can let you know what these are. There are specific rules required that you must follow in order to get to and continue receiving your unemployment checks.

In addition, you must have earned enough wages at your job in order to qualify for unemployment compensation. Unemployment benefits are only paid out to those people who have paid into the system via their wages, which means those that have not worked enough and have not contributed enough money will not have access to the unemployment compensation benefits. In conjunction with this, you must have sufficient credit weeks in order to qualify. What this means, is that you must have worked for an extended period at your prior job, not just a few days. You will also have to register with the Pennsylvania Career Link Services. In this manner, you can prove to your PA unemployment office that you are still actively seeking gainful employment.

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