Finding locum doctors and nurses to fill temporary or part time positions can often be time consuming, and vacancies may often need to be filled quickly. If you are looking for locum staff to fill positions at a hospital, surgery or similar healthcare practice, then a locum agency which deals specifically with healthcare professionals may be the quickest and simplest way to find new staff.

A locum agency will often have access to a very wide range of healthcare professionals from all grades and specialisms, and it should be easy to find an appropriate candidate in your local area. Many applicants will be looking for temporary or part time positions to fit in around their home responsibilities or other work activities, so you should be able to fill any vacancies quickly and simply. It is often a good idea to look for a large locum agency which will be able to take a lot of the responsibility and work out of finding new staff. There can be a lot of technical details and paperwork to deal with when you are hiring new employees, and checks on qualifications, general health and police clearance amongst others should all be completed.

A good locum agency will be able to take care of these necessities and technicalities for you, and you should be provided with candidates who have been checked thoroughly, are fully qualified and have the correct experience and knowledge to fill the positions that you have advertised. Trying to find new staff members for a number of positions can also be a challenge, and managing a few vacancies at once can be confusing or time consuming. A good locum agency will be able to deal with any number of vacancies that you may have at any given time, which will relieve a lot of pressure and give your more time to spend on more pressing tasks.

If you are really pressed for time, then an experienced locum agency should even be able to give you advice and help you to organise your search. This could be in terms of creating a list of required qualifications and attributes that your candidates should have, or creating a vacancy profile or advertisement. Medical locum agencies which have a large client base and a solid background of extensive experience can help you in many different ways.

Finding an agency should be easy thanks to the internet, and any good medical recruitment agency will have a comprehensive website with a good range of information for you to peruse. You should be able to get a good idea of the kinds of services that they can offer, and most will also have staff on hand for to contact to get more information. Finding a locum agency that can offer a personal service is always a bonus, as this will ensure that your vacancies are advertised in the best possible way. A personal service is also important during the recruitment process, and you should be kept well informed and advised throughout.

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