Sahara group, the major business corporation of India, has been providing tribute and homage to the martyrs of kargil war in the form of financial assistance to the families of the kargil martyrs who sacrificed their last breath for the security of the country and the welfare of the country people. It has been lending the financial arm to 298 families of martyrs of kargil and two other catastrophes of India that left the nation in awe- 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack and Dantewada Massacre since the haphazard took place.

Sahara group has been rendering the martyrs’ families with not just financial but emotional support too for over a decade and is continuing to put in efforts to show respects towards the martyrs who showed incredible heroism and unending spirit and to show affection towers their families who stood selflessly by the nation and placed their loved ones on stake. On 30th January, shaheed Diwas of the Father of Nation – Mahatma Gandhi, arranged a ceremony to provide financial assistance to the 127 families of martyrs of kargil war, Mumbai terror attack and dhantewada catastrophe. The occasion was witnessed by the families of Kargil, Mumbai and Dantewada martyrs who gathered from all across the nation to join Sahara India Pariwar for paying mark of respect to the immoral martyrs who just to uphold motherland’s esteem and secure the nation let their lives go away.

Subrata roy, the head of Sahra pariwar, magnified the support to the families by providing additional financial assistance to the below 18 years of age, 301 children of 152 martyrs of kargil. Subrata Roy has been staying among the front runners in social services for more than 10 years now. This financial support costs to around 20 crores to sahara group. Mr. Subrata Roy Sahara, on the occasion, said, “We are indebted to the brave sons of our beloved motherland who have laid their life for the nation and its people. The sacrifices of the families of the martyrs who have faced the trauma, pain and difficulty which ascended on them, are also no less,. It is our responsibility to take full care and give highest respect to the families whose bright sons placed their love for the nation and its billions of people, above their own affections, hopes, aspirations and even life.” He also mentioned that it is the families who honored them by accepting the fund and not the group.

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