Many of us displaced senior workers (that is, us unemployed older folks) have had to look for other ways to continue earning money in our unexpected and unwanted retirement.  After all, having enough money is second only to having good health to enjoy life.  My chosen method is to do internet marketing and work online to make the extra money I need.  I had actually been flirting with the idea of making money from home before my job ended, but I did not have any meaningful result until I had to go from thinking about it to actually doing it.

When you talk about making money from home you will find that some of your family and friends will look at you like you have an extra eye.  Some of them may tell you that “it is impossible, you are dreaming” but then some might tell to you to go for it.  Whatever the reaction, you might find that not many have tried it and the skeptics may be afraid of failing.  Some of them may have even tried and failed.

The fact is, the idea of making money from home can become a reality rather easily, but it will not happen the way many people selling information would have you believe.  They often lead you to believe that you can make money overnight, with no effort.  This just ain’t so.  It is easy, but it takes effort, consistency and patience.  So, what do I mean by “easy”?

Easy means that you can put as much effort into it as you want.  Your rewards will be determined by your effort and how willing you are to learn new things.  Hard work may be part of the mix, but a home business will leave you with more time that you can use for other things and leave you with a sense of accomplishment that few other business models can match.  There are several major advantages to a home based business.

1.  A home based business or job will not require an inventory.  Therefore, little or no start-up costs.

2.  There is no payroll, simply because you will probably be the only employee.

3.  Location is important, pick the room in your home you want to work out of.  Again, start with little or no money out of your pocket.

The hardest part is deciding which business model to follow and there are thousands to choose from.

There is a big difference between an online business and online job.  Online work and internet marketing is very heavily discussed in forums and blogs, but the fact is that a lot of people just want a job not a business.  Either way, you can make money and have a good income stream if you take the time to learn and commit yourself to building a work routine that you can follow consistently.

Proofreading and freelance writing are some online job opportunities that are popular.  If you have expertise in an area, you might consider freelance writing or starting a blog.  Surveys offer a good way to make extra money.  There are many survey companies that will pay for every survey you complete.  The more surveys you sign up for, the more opportunity you have to make more money.

The things that make these online options good alternatives is that they will not demand a lot of money to start and if you have or get the necessary tools and resources, you are likely to start getting good results quickly.  One reason most people never make any money online is because they do not follow through.  They go ahead and purchase some e-book or training course and then they either put it away or they simply work on it for a few days and then abandon it because they did not make any money.  They actually lose twice.  Once when they buy the book or training course and again when they do not follow the plan.

There are numerous legitimate online job opportunities on the network, but the problem is how to find them.  You could start by joining online jobs and work from home forums.  I have found that finding a real online job is not difficult but it is a lot easier to let someone else to the searching.  I have listed a few ideas of the many available but trying to sift through the thousands of online opportunities can be a daunting task.  To learn more about the easiest ways to find an online job you can do from home, visit the Home Job Group, where you will find a comprehensive analysis on different job options you can easily do from home.

The author has looked at many online opportunities since entering retirement and has learned that there is a difference between online business and job methods.  Visit his website at for some resources he has reviewed or used and recommends.

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