California’s unclaimed money is one of the major problems that the state is now dealing with as the pile is increasing now at an alarming rate. Most of the unclaimed money comes from huge volumes of tax refunds that are lying idle with the state. The recent reports published by the State Controller of California states that there are millions of dollars lying with the state treasury that are still waiting for their rightful owner.

California unclaimed property is a burden on the state treasury because they cannot utilize this money without the knowledge of the real owner and the money has stopped earning interests. It is because of the newly passed law relating to the unclaimed property that the money in idle accounts with the financial institutions, like banks, for a specified period of time have to be handed over to the state for safer custody.

These accounts have to be inactive for at least three years in order for them to be passed on to the state treasuries and from there, it is the responsibility of the state to try every way in reuniting the lost property with its real owner. The official website of California State Governor is one of the best means available today for anyone to find California unclaimed money.

California, like every other state, consists of its own database dedicated to lost property in the state, and this database is updated on a regular basis for the claimant to search. One can conduct filtered search on the basis of personal information and unique details like Social Security number to get much more refined search details.

One of the best means of searching unclaimed property is by visiting the official website of the California State controller that is

This official website is integrated with the updated database about lost property located within the Controller’s jurisdiction. It is a very disturbing fact that California state treasury may be holding money more than $ 6 billion in terms of lost or unclaimed money that are still waiting for their rightful owners. The main contributors to the growing pile of unclaimed money identified so far are the inactive bank accounts lying in different financial institutions and also the several business enterprises that are no longer functioning due to probable change in the address of real owners.

It may be impartial to say that the state treasuries are not fulfilling their duties properly as massive promotions are being made in order to educate people about the importance of lost or unclaimed money on their personal finances. The state initiatives also include establishment of booths that assist people to learn the proper method of re–claiming lost money and searching for lost money in state regions.

The state organized fairs are considered to be the best modern means as they serve claimant on a walk–in basis. After the introduction of these state initiatives, over $ 246 million has been returned to the rightful owners while other old accounts are now being employed for the welfare of the state.

State agencies are sending repeated notices about lost money to the owners on the last known address, which is why keeping a close watch on the state newspaper and other media sources is recommended as the state sends these notices to the last known address of the owners.

California has one of the largest amounts of unclaimed money. The best way to find unclaimed money is through is one of the largest unclaimed money databases in the world. Log on to today for your free unclaimed money search!

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