There are government scholarships that help people attend college. This is a way that people can get an education that may have been impossible due to financial hardships. Scholarships have different types, though most available scholarships are need-based and the merit-based scholarship.

Need-based scholarship is determined with a student’s family’s ability to pay for a college degree. While merit-based scholarship are awarded to an individual based on his accomplishments from academic, athletic, artistic or other categories.

College is not just a way to get a career, but you are exposed to different subjects than in high school as well as lots of interactions with other students. It is an education in so many ways and quite valuable aside from the job opportunities. Many people find their closest friends in college and it is a wonderful avenue for testing out courses as well.

However without funding a lot of people fail to continue their education because of the extremely high cost of college tuition. There are government funds that offers certain scholarships for low- income, minorities, and families who have a parent away at war.

All of these scholarships differ from state to state, which you can check your state’s website for; however there are nationwide scholarships.

Here is a list of some nationwide scholarships to explore:

• ARRA – Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students – $ 20,657,570 scholarships

• Biological Sciences – (BIO) – $ 612,020,000 fellowships, scholarships, traineeships, grants & loans

• Byrd Honors Scholarships – $ 42,000,000 scholarships

• Consolidated Tribal Government Program – $ 76,964,252 scholarships

• Cooperative Research Units Training Program – (CRUTP) – $ 150,000 scholarships

• Cultural, Technical and Educational Centers – $ 20,074,000 scholarships

• DC School Choice Incentive Program – $ 13,200,000 scholarships

• Education and Human Resources – (EHR) – $ 725,600,000 fellowships, scholarships, traineeships, grants & loans

• Educational Partnership Program – $ 14,900,000 scholarships

English for Heritage Language Speakers Grants to U.S.

Institutions of Higher Education – (National Security Education Program – NSEP)

English for Heritage Language Speakers Scholarships – (EHLS Program) – $ 1,500,000 fellowships, scholarships

•Environmental Education and Conservation – North Cascades Bioregion – $ 49,000 scholarships

•Fair Competition Counseling and Investigation of Complaints – $ 243,864,000 scholarships

• Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design – $ 150,000 scholarships

• Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs – (GEAR-UP) – $ 323,212,000 scholarships

• Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowships For Undergraduate Environmental Study – $ 2,100,000 fellowships, scholarships, traineeships

Those are just a few, there are thousands of government scholarships, but it is up to you to find them and claim them.

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