Whether for financial reasons or personal ones, a growing number of people wish to continue working beyond the traditional age of 65. In spite of the uncertain economic environments, there are a surprisingly large number of career options after retirement.

Before you embark on your job search, it is recommended that you consider the following –

1.  What factors are motivating you too for a job? Money or boredom?
2.  What is your expected salary?
3.  What kind of work would satisfy you?
4.  How much time do you intend to spare for your job?
5.  How much responsibility are you willing to take up?
6.  Is being self-employed an option?

Based on your answers to these questions, you can explore the following work opportunities post retirement –
1.  Retaining your Current Job – While many employers force retirement at a certain age, there are others who are more than happy to retain their personnel for as long as possible. If you are enjoying your current job along with its financial and social benefits, it only makes sense to continue working.

As a matter of fact, the only reason one should consider voluntarily leaving a job is if you are found something better to do. For example, after years of working as a financial consultant that demands a lot of travel, if a bookkeeping job offers the stability you demand, shifting careers can prove to be beneficial.

2.  Phasing out your Retirement – Phasing your retirement typically means that while you retain your current job, you can consider reducing the hours you spend at the office.

This may also involve reducing your responsibilities. Continuing to perform your bookkeeper job for example, on a par time basis is a great way to gain some flexibility and ease into retirement.

This way you are also able to maintain an income flow, continue enjoying your medical benefits and still slow down a little.

3. Gaining a Fresh Start – A growing number of retired people perceive this phase of life not as an end but rather as an opportunity to start fresh. Many retired people are looking at ways to start pursuing jobs that they are truly passionate about. Some popular options being –

a.  Starting your own Business – From starting your own nursery, or running a bed and breakfast, retirees are able to explore entrepreneurial opportunities in many ways. By leveraging professional experiences to confidently launch and run businesses, retirees value the flexibility that one can gain with owning a business.
b.  Consulting – A great option for retirees is to optimize the experience from over the years to take up full-time or part-time consulting. For example, after heading the accounting team of a company for ever a decade, offering consulting services to bookkeeping departments across industries is a great way to maintain a decent income.

Finally, a large number of retired people also consider returning to school to upgrade knowledge or get trained in vocational courses. If finances aren’t a concern, taking a break to learn and eventually enter into a new career is also a great way make the most of your life after retirement.

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