Job positions can be found almost anywhere. You can contact companies directly, search through job websites online, start browsing through the classifieds and more. It is important that you understand what the job positions entail before submitting an application as this can be off putting when a company receives a resume that has non of the required skills or experience.

If you are interested in hospitality job positions then you need to determine which ones as there are many different types of position in the hospitality category. There are banquet servers, cocktail servers, waiters and waitresses, food and beverage servers, car hops, room service waiters, dietary aides, line chefs, executive chefs, fry/grill cook, back line cook, pastry bakers, sauciers, banquet cooks, bartenders, dish washers, baristas and more. There are also accommodation job positions, cleaning job positions, and travel job positions. Each one of these positions will require its own skills and some positions need no experience while others may require an extensive background of experience.

In 2009 some of the hottest jobs are in telecommuting, self-employment and small businesses, finance, infrastructure, energy positions, green jobs, education, engineering, computing, medical services and nursing. A brand new field that will be very popular in the future is in green positions and renewable energy sources. Certain industries will always need more people but new marketplaces provide the opportunity for new skills to be used.

Green job positions are actually poised to be the fastest growing job industry over the course of the next few years as more industries are honing in on the environment and ways to become for eco-friendly. These types of jobs can be broken into two forms, one that is like a consultant that comes in to reduce a companies human environment impact while other green jobs will be found at environment-friendly companies trying to improve the workings within their company.

Education will remain as it usually is as there is always a need for teachers at all grade levels including universities. The education industry tends to be fairly constant throughout economic changes though with the down turn there is even a greater demand as students are staying in school or applying for graduate programs as they wait for the economy to improve.

There is always a high employment rate in the healthcare industry as hospitals and medical services tend to always be understaffed, as the training is technical and can take some time. If you are a nurse or medical technician then you will be able to have your pick of available jobs. The delivery of medical services is showing a need for more employees where as the administration side has no need for additional workers.

The technology industry is still going strong and there is currently a demand for software engineers. Though this industry is still expanding it will plateau eventually and there is much competition with international companies. This industry has the highest salaries of most and a large pool to search as technology companies are found all over the world.

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