Fireworks have been in existence since the 12th century AD in China and have always been a popular and fun way of celebrating. The roots of fireworks has been their utilisation to ward off evil spirits, but the dazzling nature and the visual spectacle that fireworks create have made them into a recreation that accompanies celebration in every season.

Difference between regular ignition and fireworks ignition

Many fireworks display these days consist of a circular tube that is hard enough to withstand high pressures and temperatures over a short period of time. Generally hardened paper or pasteboard is used for creating a cylindrical shell. This shell is then filled with combustible material. This combustible material is made from a specially made mixture of chemicals so that when ignited using a flame they burn at a controlled rate. The rate at which these chemicals burn can be controlled by the proportion of ingredients that are combined to form the final material. The main difference between normal inflammable materials like gasoline and materials used in fireworks is that the chemicals differ for different fireworks and the rate of burning is a controlled phenomenon. The chemicals that are used burn through at a constant rate and generate a volume of gases that expand rapidly.

Depending upon the rate at which the gases expand we can have a cracker that explodes with a loud sound and light or we can have fireworks like roman candles which creates a jet of hot chemicals that burn through the air creating a marvellous display. Generally, fireworks that can be lighted in enclosed spaces like indoor fireworks, have chemicals that burn at a very slow rate and produce gases that do not expand very rapidly and do not create a large amount of heat. For example, sparklers are made up of materials that burn at a constant rate without the entire firework burning through too quickly.

The Cost factor

Sometimes cheap fireworks are available that use chemicals that may not perform as intended. Such fireworks can be risky especially when the Fireworks are being used on special occasions like in the case of wedding fireworks or Christmas crackers and rockets, care has to be taken so that the fireworks do not create a distraction. Events such as weddings and Christmas have a lot of sentimental value and as such paying a little more for good quality fireworks is a good decision.

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