Flags originated hundreds of years ago for one purpose mainly and that was to declare what country or territory you were with and to mark that area with a symbol. This symbol was put on fabric and hung as high as they could get, usually on a pole so people far away to see it and know who those people were and what they stood for. Today, flags are used in many ways but the most common way is to show pride in where you are from. There are state flags as well as international flags that represent the particular state or country.

Each of the fifty states in America has it’s own flag where it is flown from all government building and many schools as well. They come in a variety of colors and everything on the flag symbolizes something. For example, the Colorado state flag has four colors in it which all represent environmental features. It has two blue stripes that symbolize the blue skies of Colorado and one white stripe that symbolizes the snow capped mountains. A large red C stands for Colorado and the color symbolizes the color for the soil in the state. Inside the C is a gold disc that symbolizes the abundant sunshine. Many people fly state flags as well as their American flag as a way to show the pride of where they live or maybe in a different state that signifies where they were originally from. At different national athletic competitions, they often have a parade of athletes being led out by their state flag. The person chosen to carry their state flag feels a great honor having been chosen to represent their state that way.

When traveling to other countries it is fun to see all of the different International flags flying on important building, castle, museums, etc. One example where the use of international flags is highly apparent is at the worlds most popular sport of soccer or futbol as it is called internationally. When two countries play each other in soccer, it attracts thousands of fans to cheer for their country. The way these fans show their team loyalty is by waving their countries flag as well as by wearing scarves that have the flag colors on it. It is quite a sight to see a packed futbol stadium with thousand of people waving the flag of their country for the entire soccer game. Often at the end of the game, the winning team will drape the flag around their shoulders and take a victory lap around the field. People from all different countries feel a great pride in their country and the best symbol of that pride is their flag.

Often people traveling to other countries will purchase a flag from each country they visit as a unique reminder of their visit outside the United States. People also buy other types of flags for fun. Some have flags that portray their favorite activities, sports teams, or even ones to hang on different holidays are popular as well.

Chuck R. Stewart recently attended a rally in which Ohio state flags were flying proudly. He also enjoyed watching all the international flags flying proudly at the summer Olympics.

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