Core content: In recent years, all kinds of variety, the variety of new innovative building materials and decoration materials, widely used to bring people to enjoy the beauty of life and more convenient, but also to leave the building a serious fire hazard. Flame-retardant material as a new environmental protection materials have been widely applied to various fields, and has broad market prospects. However, fire-retardant materials, regulations and standards to be healthy and competitive market, seriously affecting the status of fire retardant products market.

HC Fire Network Recently, HC fire fortunate enough to visit a Web editor Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, China Flame Retardant Society of the Secretary-General, fire-retardant expert Zhou Zhengmao teacher, Zhou Zhengmao teachers domestic Flame Retardant Technological developments and market situation of a detailed interpretation. He pointed out that the technological development of the domestic fire-retardant materials, has reached international advanced level, but still lags behind the relevant standards and regulations, market development, there is a lot of room.

Secretary-general of China’s flame retardant, flame retardant experts, Zhou Zheng Mao
From recent years Fire Situation, place of public entertainment fire significantly increased, but result in a vicious fire Qunsiqunshang more. According to China’s emergence and development of fire in public places of entertainment features, leading to a vicious fire conclusion drawn more and more a common reason is used a lot of burning buildings and higher concentration of smoke and toxic combustion of high or not meet the requirements of the architectural decoration materials and components. Without making any fire retardant treatment of these materials, not only fast flame propagation, and when burned will release a lot of smoke and toxic gases, only a few minutes, resulting in large numbers are difficult to quickly escape the crowded each other causing suffocation crushes death, and eventual tragedy. It should be said, succession of the vicious fire and extensive use of our buildings do not meet fire safety and health Environmental protection Building materials and decorative materials has a direct relationship.

Flame retardant material is a protective material, it is able to stop the burning is not easy to burn their own material. Public places of entertainment as a flammable concentration built-up areas and often an important place for a large number of officers, one with fire retardant technology is a very important fire safety measures. Developed by the Ministry of Public Security, “for public places and component performance requirements and marking burning” standard on July 1, 2008 began, the Ministry of Public Security in order to effectively control standards in public places when a fire caused casualties and property losses enacted, the standard defined public places with fire-retardant products and components, the definition and classification, combustion performance requirements, and identify other content, provides building products for use in public places, floor coverings, wire and cable, sockets, switches, Lighting , Shell and other plastic products, home appliances and chairs, sofas, mattresses used in the foam insulation layer and the combustion performance, the corresponding level of the flame retardant standards requirements.

Zhou Zheng Mao experts pointed out that as China’s industrial development and application materials, the field has expanded flame-retardant material as a new environmental protection materials have been widely used in chemical building materials, Electronic Electrical appliances, transportation, aerospace, household furniture, interior decoration, basic necessities and other fields, and has broad market prospects. In addition, coal, oil, forest fire fighting and other areas of fire-retardant materials also promote the production of our rapid development, China’s flame-retardant materials, there is a big market potential. However, because popularity is not enough before, now China’s flame retardant products used in public places the proportion of small, fire-retardant materials, application status and the market is not ideal, mainly because the units in public places is not enough understanding of fire regulations, fire-retardant materials for and the use of inadequate attention.

The United States is the world’s most perfect fire of technical regulations among the countries, not only places of public entertainment made relevant provisions of the flame, but extends to all aspects of daily life, such as children’s pajamas and the general U.S. Clothing Provisions are made flame retardant properties. Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom also developed a related technical regulations, such as flame-retardant children’s evening performance of requests, which the British adult evening also provided the flame retardant properties, and provides a test method. In this regard, our country is still blank, only the person engaged in particular industries with a flame-retardant clothing worn by the development of mandatory national standards. In addition, the United States, Japan and Canada on the carpet, mattresses, curtains and other decorative Textile Commodities have also developed related to technical regulations, proposed fire performance requirements and test methods.

2009 several fires to further promote the awareness of fire safety standards of the attention, but present, some owners of the relevant fire codes and standards are not familiar with, or even a substantial part of the unit simply does not know the building materials, decoration materials must also be fire safety performance of the classification performance and combustion test; many public places of entertainment operators and managers want to “save money”, have chances to evade inspection. From the manufacturer point of view, due to lack of understanding of the user of the flame retardant material, coupled with intense market competition, resulting in cheap counterfeit products appear, some producers in the business activities and the building fire safety performance of forging and green environmental protection inspection reports deceive the user and the supervisory authority, has seriously affected the status of fire retardant products market.

Flame retardant technology and regulations, decrees are closely related, timely and feasible, there are strict regulations on flame-retardant technology has a great impetus. In this regard, China is relatively backward compared with developed countries, need to further improve flame retardancy of technical regulations and standards.

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