Many parents are looking for a caring individual for a nanny Surrey position because either both parents work or the child has a single parent family and needs more supervision. Nanny jobs BC is a growing field for qualified and experienced individuals, and not always females, although they are the majority of applicants. There are some men who want a position as a nanny and could do the job just as well as their female counterparts.

The job description of nanny has expanded over the past several years to include more than simply taking care of the children. Nannies have become caregivers, nursemaids, teachers, companions and coaches among many other things. Many of the children they are in charge of do not have that much contact with their parents due to their jobs or other obligations so their nanny is their primary source of love and attention. Some nannies are even beginning to home school children so they are spending even more time with the children.

Several thousands of qualified nannies will receive their assignments through nanny agencies in Surrey. They will first fill out an application with their experience, where they worked before, why they left and references from several former employers. It would help if the young woman or man were a teacher or had teaching experience. Parents like this because they feel that they are not just hiring a babysitter, they are hiring someone who will teach their child or children something rather than constantly play with them.

Meal preparation is often part of the job description of nannies and this will most likely mean more than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. A nanny should be able to cook a variety of items kids like yet things that are good for them. This will impress the parents but this doesn’t mean the nanny has to have attended a culinary school. Creative and nutritious snacks are another part of the child’s diet that a nanny must put together on a daily basis; creative because no one wants the child to get board.

Nanny services BC will help a couple or single parent to find the perfect nanny for their child or children. Matching a nanny to their charge or charges is an art form. The child or children must like yet respect the nanny. They can be, and are encouraged to be, friends, however, when it comes time to listen to what the nanny has to say or tells the child what to do, that child must listen to the nanny. Some children are quick to whip out the ‘you’re not my mother/father’ routine when they first receive a nanny.

When a nanny is not receiving the respect she or he needs and deserves, the first approach should be to speak to the child, get down on their level. Depending on the age of the child, don’t use a lot of big words, only words they will understand. Respect is a difficult concept to get across to some children, especially if the child has never had an authority figure in their life and resent the fact they have a nanny and not a mom or dad.

There are a lot of resources on the subject of how to bring up good children with respect and s nanny’s office will be able to direct a new nanny to these sources. It might be a good idea to read up on this subject even if there seems to be no problem because resentment could rear its ugly head at any moment and it breeds contentment and respect goes out the window when resentment is present.

Nanny Surrey jobs are available for caring individuals who enjoy working with children, taking orders and being able to let go at the end of an assignment. When a child grows up or if the parents decide they can’t afford a nanny or some other reason, a nanny must be able to let go, even if he or she loves the child very much. Letting go is the hardest part, but it is the right thing to do. And if the nanny has done a good job, that child, no matter how old they are, will never forget them and the time they spent together to the things she or he taught them.

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