Cancer patients, as long as the spleen, liver, Coach Outlet kidney, colon and four functional recoveries can never leave. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. There are many cancer patients, morning I give them visit when they discover that people with high blood pressure, blood pressure is normal; now, the original intentional cerebrovascular diseases, now drugs also need not eat again. Obviously, if help these organs slowly restore normal, each civilization disease could disappear, but it is not a single element.

If the cancer is a tumor can be easily handled, so we in medicine over the past made a big mistake , that is, only to see the tumor, and then how I wanted to kill it, so cut it with surgery, with to poison it with chemotherapy, radiation to the photo with it, burn it, anyway, by all means it is like to kill, and then the dose is to use more weight, it really kill the cancer cells die, people die. This is our medicine made the biggest mistake, it is not a single, must be considered as a whole. Therefore, we must first restore the spleen, we must develop a habit of three meals of whole grains each day must be over 50% of the total diet, and we must cultivate the habit.

Grains are the red beans, soybeans, beans, barley, etc. these are grains class, lotus seeds are also very good, with this concept, and the spleen is good, like the liver. Spleen is responsible for blood, one day there are two important times is midnight and noon. The rest of the time so you have to rest.

The majority of people now are a bad liver, why not? Stay up late; eat fried things, bad temper, the liver of the three major killers. Liver-oil, what you eat oil, oil wrap the whole liver, liver function completely lost,  so we can not eat too much oil. Fat on the body no good. So when our body feels uncomfortable, there was pain, we have to change the representative protect your liver.

The more sleep the more tired ─ warning sign of liver problems
Daily use of sleep time, the spleen to collect blood to the liver to detoxify, Coach Outlet Online detoxification after the clean blood to the heart to the heart and then sent to the body, what is the purpose? Place each to have access to nutrition, you can get healthy. Unfortunately, the modern has been asked a lot of problems in human spleen, spleen itself do not collect blood.

Only one way to the protection of the spleen, the spleen grains most protective, but modern man is so bad why the spleen, body so sick? Because do not eat whole grains, eat hamburgers, fried chicken, steak, fries, and finally eat a little rice, but also eat rice, so you must eat whole grains, raw grains, such as brown rice.

But I remind everyone, because Singapore is a tropical climate, so cold and temperate climate is not suitable for tropical grains people eat, especially pay attention to, such as oats, buckwheat, wheat, barley, sorghum, most of them belong to cold temperate products, of course, very few people can eat the constitution, but most are not suitable for eating, not this thing is not good.

We are the best tropical place to eat what food? Brown rice, Coach Online Outlet Store sweet potatoes, the whole world can be; there are barley, millet, which are more suitable for the climate here to eat. Eating habits in the above, once you can make adjustments to cereal to eat, the function of the spleen can be restored.

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