TaylorMade Tour Preferred Irons are a masterful blend of modern technology and classic design. More accomplished players will appreciate the classic blade shape, thin topline and reduced offset as well as the increased stability and forgiveness created by the shallow undercut cavity. It sold as an 8-piece set, 3 to 9 iron plus PW.


The TaylorMade Tour Preferred irons feature Inverted Cone Technology which provides faster ball speeds from a larger portion of the face that provides more forgiveness and consistency on off-center hits. The irons feature a classic blade shape, are shorter from heel-to-toe and a thin top line for a clean and compact appearance from address. The sole was designed in conjunction with Tour professionals and optimizes turf interaction for maximum shot-making capability. There is a shallow undercut cavity that redistributes weight to the heel and toe pads, which increases stability and improves feel. A classic blade shape provides for a thin topline and shorter blade-length from heel to toe for a clean and compact look at address while the shallow, undercut cavity redistributes weight to the hell and toe pads for increased stability and a solid feel. The tour-configured sole was designed with input from tour professionals to optimize turf interaction for maximum playability.


What I really liked about the Tour Preferred irons, is how solid they felt at impact. I noticed immediately, how the club would respond, in terms of sound and feel at impact, just like hitting a forged iron. The next thing that really made this club stand apart is how easily the club would just glide through the turf.

During my tests, they used these clubs on both the fairways and moderate rough, and had no problems with the club’s sole digging into the ground during my swing. As mentioned before, this was due to the softening of the trailing and leading edge of the sole of the club. The results were purer ball striking and you’ll really appreciate this in the moderate rough.


Overall, the TaylorMade Tour Preferred irons are able to mix both modern technologies with classic design to produce high performance irons that have a tour look, with the forgiveness of a cavity back.


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