Since there is not a single specific cause of panic attacks, the forms of panic attack relief may vary from one person to another.  For the immediate management or prevention of the symptoms, some people may use medications.  Aside from this, other ways to treat the condition is by going through cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, meditation and/or relaxation.

Before going on further, it would be good to know that a single panic attack is not supposed to be a source of commotion.  It does not automatically mean that you would have to be in medication or therapy.  In fact, the doctors are very conservative in suggesting either unless they are sure that your condition is quite serious.

Now, if your condition merits medical attention, therapy and medications may be of use. For instance, if you are in the middle of having a panic episode, the immediate panic attack relief may come from Ativan, Xanax, and other pills classified as anti-anxiety medicines. They are often used to manage the condition in the early part of the medical therapy.  However, they are not advisable for long-term use.

Other form of medication may come in the classification of antidepressants.  They help in reducing the frequency as well as the severity of the attacks.  However, unlike anti-anxiety medications, they are not meant to give immediate relief when having a panic episode.

Medications used to treat panic attacks may cause side effects that’s why it is important that the person taking them is closely monitored by the doctor as well as by the people who know of his or her condition.  Some side effects can be severe and life-threatening so one can’t be too complacent.

Moving on to another form of panic attack relief, it may come from the procedure called psychotherapy.  For pregnant women suffering from the condition, psychotherapy is actually the best option.  Research has shown that this form of treatment is much more effective than just taking conventional medications.

During the therapy, the person is guided on how to identify the causes of his or her fears and how to defeat them.  The therapist performs behavioral techniques like relaxation to lessen the patient’s fear.  There may be instances when the person will be exposed to the object of his or her fear and teach him or her how to see it from a different perspective.  He or she may also be taught to understand the underlying issues that could have contributed to the emergence of the symptoms.  By doing this, it will become easier for the person to deal with his or her fears.

Oftentimes, a panic attack relief that comes by using medications and psychotherapy yield favorable results.  A notable improvement can happen in three months’ time.

Again, please be reminded that panic attack relief may vary from one person to another.

If the attack has only happened once, there is no need to be overly anxious about it.  If the occurrence has taken away your peace of mind though, the best thing to do is consult a healthcare professional and get the proper guidance you need. Never self-medicate.

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