Have you suddenly become a single mom due to a divorce?  Maybe you always thought that your husband would be there to take care of you and your children, so you never pursued your career dreams and instead supported his.  Now, however, you are faced with the fact that you have a family to support and there is nobody around to depend on but yourself.  This feeling of being trapped can be almost totally consuming.  Rest assured, there is a way out if you  find out about the free government grant for single moms. 

I know all the things that will go through your head.  “I don’t have time to go back to school” or “I don’t have any money to go back to school”.  You must throw these negative thoughts out of your head and get down to the task at hand, which is making a better life for you and your children.  My dad always has told me that we make time for things that are important to us.  Let me tell you, if you do not like where you are presently financially, then school has to be of upmost importance to you or else you will never have the chance to have a life that is better than the one you have right now. As for the “I don’t have any money to go back to school” type thinking…well you may not have the funds yourself to pay for tuition, but there is free government grants that will completely pay or help pay for your tuition. 

When you become a single parent with a dependent child, your yearly earnings and tax bracket goes down, which will make you eligible for more government money to help with schooling.  There is also money available from private sources too.  Don’t forget, there are even tax breaks for child care while you are a full-time student and/or working.  So, there is really no excuse not to go back to school…if you want a better life.

Remember, success really is the best revenge.

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