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A “loan modification” or “mortgage modification” is when the lender modifies your current mortgage in order to work with you because of a hardship. The purpose of a loan modification is to help make your mortgage loan payment more affordable. New law senate bill 1137 makes your lender workout a loan modification with you. Does your lender always have your best interest? Research shows loan modifications fail most of the time. An attorney can help with a much more favorable outcome for you because of experience and attorney power.

You might want to get a Free loan modification help and strategy Ebook to help you through the process.

“loan modification”
[loan modification]
{loan modification}
(loan modification)

Usually it is in the form of a rate reduction, principle reduction and/or a fixing of the rate for a certain amount of time. In the past, this was only used when a borrower was delinquent and suffered a hardship such as a job loss, divorce, illness etc.

Loan Modification help is a great solution for a borrower who wants to stay in their property, but can’t afford the payment to adjust upward, or can’t quite afford the current mortgage payment. In that situation, a mortgage pay rate reduction is an ideal solution because it will lower the monthly mortgage payment to a manageable amount.

Loan Modification is also a solution when the payment has not been made for a while, but the borrower can now afford to start making payments again.

The type of Loan Modification that is most beneficial for a borrower behind on mortgage payments is called a “recapitalization agreement.”

A Recapitalization agreement takes all the arrears, interest, fees, and accumulated payments and adds it to the principal of the mortgage loan. The result of this negotiation is a slightly larger principal loan amount, but a status of “current” on the mortgage loan payments going forward.
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A Loan Modification will change your existing mortgage loan and give you a fresh new start in managing your home. Your account will be brought up to date immediately.

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