At a certain point in life you can reach a realization that you may not be able to advance in your job or change careers effectively without having a college education. If you are a single mother the expenses involved in this in addition to family costs, time away from the kids and one’s job hours can make this dream seem impossible.

Fortunately, there are some options available now that can help to cover things and make this within one’s range of possibilities. There are a lot of grants available and the only thing that will hamper a single parent from having one is not knowing how to find it. As a single parent, he or she must know where to find the right resources and avoid getting scammed.

For instance, there are the Pell Grants which are based on one’s situation and needs. Because there is a financial issue and there is the motivation to improve one’s job potential this makes you a candidate. The Pell Grants have also been increased and this is also very fortunate in our economy today.

Other grants that can be relevant are the Teach Grant for future teachers. If you know what you will be studying you can focus on niche grants in fields such as consumer protection, nutrition, legal services and natural resources. The financial aid office at the school you are considering can help you to become aware of the specific grants for certain majors as well as the local sponsors that also provide grants in the town you reside in. One thing to be aware of is that most grants require living in the US for three years before filling out the application.

Don’t forget that religious organizations, your present company of employment and high school may also have available funds for single mothers that don’t need to be repaid.

Cover all grounds including the federal government, state grants, institution where you are applying, local resources and private companies. There are also grants by Sunshine Lady Foundation for those who have been victims of abuse. Raise the Nation also has grants for single mothers as well as loans. Remember that not all of the grants will state that it is for single mothers, so look far and wide for grants and scholarships for which you can qualify. Keep your dream and make it happen, even if it’s one course at a time.


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