Lecturers that take further advancement to become a good lecturer teach students all that they need to know as a beginner all the way up to advancement courses. After becoming advanced in the subject if the student chooses so, he or she can get a vocational qualification. Having a vocational qualification can prepare a student for when they are working out in the field. They can increase their knowledge so that they will have a better chance at getting a great job.

Those that decide to take their lecturing experience and education normally exceed to the next level and have dealt with post 16. As an advanced lecturer, teaching can start with students between the ages of 14 up to 19 years old. The more practice that the lecturer has as far as teaching, the more they can improve on techniques and better help the students to understand what lesson that they are teaching. Since all students of different age levels learn at a different pace the lecturer will always have to adjust the speed at which they teach. Older students might have more of tendency to learn a little bit faster with less information.

There are certain responsibilities that a lecturer must fulfill in order to do his/her job according to regulations of the field. Here are some things that a lecturer will responsible for doing in the field of lecturing:

Planning lesson plans in advance.
Teaching various different subjects during different shifts of the day.
Being able to teach variety of ages and different people with different backgrounds.
Studying new topics and courses to increase the knowledge of different subjects. (Searching online would help with learning and enhancing skills on new and current courses).
Being able to keep track of students progress with his/her work and judging their level of skills appropriately according to the course.
Having tutorial sessions scheduled to be able to have one on one time with the students to assure that they are having precise understanding on the course. This will help them in prospering and it will help you as the lecturer as well.
Following the guidelines to education policies of colleges and schools. Cooperating and staying involved during educational meetings. Making suggestions on improving the way lectures are done would help you to increase in knowledge and others around you as well.

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