How would you like to instantly download royalty free, broadcast quality, futuristic sound effects for music production, remixing, video and film projects, screen recordings, web design, home videos, DVD productions, Pod casts, radio & TV broadcasting, and more?

Yes to the above you may say and what a mouthful, but I was amazed by what I could do with the new Future Sound FX. It is an easy instant download that you save to your hard drive.

You simply download the files and gain access to professionally produced sounds ranging from short 1 second electronic Bleeps, Zaps, Boings, Swooshes, etc, to 1 minute and 30 second long samples of Space Ship take off’s, Alien Fly By’s,…

There are more high frequency pitches and low bottom end rumbles that you’ll ever need in the future sound FX bundle.

As a dj I have used a lot of software, sample machines, mixers, chaos pads and the list goes on, which I am still using but when I saw the video to this I was converted.

The video which is available just shows you what sort of sound effects are supplied with the package and that is only a small amount of them. There are hundreds to use.

I have been using them straight from the laptop into some video displays, incorporating these sounds to my projects to bring my music into a new era and to create something unique, which is as you are probably aware vitally important when producing your own music.

The sounds are amazing and of such a high quality. I tell you I have spent years in the music side experimenting with my own designed samples, pre recording samples (being that in the digital format), and these have definitely taken the ease of recreating sounds which I have thought off using and now exist in one package all ready to use.

Hours of ultimate fun and experimentation in my own field of Psy Trance and Hard Trance which needs these samples just to progress in the music and its the whole enjoyment of seeing the looks on the crowds faces when you place a sample just at the right moment. You got them and its that overall experience I like from this package as it has allowed me to concentrate on producing and developing other areas in my projects.

To preview the 8 minute video on the samples check out the link in the about the author section of this article

Darren Langdon is a specialist in music genres with alot of knowledge on equipment and software in multimedia including his passion in developing new music in London UK.

Please visit to view the video and also to leave any comments or experiences

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