The government of UK works with a vision of providing benefits to the pensioners, so that they do not face any problem in their post retirement lives. In order to provide them the help they need, the government has taken a step in the form of auto enrolment policy. This policy will provide an advantage to the employees in United Kingdom. They will be enrolled in a workplace pension scheme or the government’s NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) policy, in order to make savings for retirement.

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This policy came into formation after the government observed a pension crisis. UK is presently facing a  pension crisis due to inadequate saving for retirement, longer life expectancy, decreased pension funds and an ageing population. Among all these reasons, it was only possible to work towards encouraging savings in order to increase the retirement funds and the government did the same.

The government has made it an obligation for the employer to have a business pension scheme, in order to cover those people, who do not save for their retirement. The employers are now busy in finding a competitive auto enrolment quote to set up a pension plan in their business.

The government has introduced a schedule for companies to implement the auto enrolment law. The organisations with the biggest size will be affected first, then the medium-sized and smaller one at the end. However, the size of the business does not matter a lot, as every businessman has to take some crucial decisions to modify his set up according to the new regulation.

An entrepreneur does not require to search for an auto enrolment quote, if he wants to opt the government policy for implementing the new system. The government policy, NEST, comply an employer to contribute a predefined percentage of contribution towards workers’ pension fund. This plan is also the default pension scheme, which will be implied to employers, who do not give any alternate system to meet the outlines laid by the legislation.

It is not at all mandatory to opt the NEST, one can also employ some other pension plan according to his needs. There are various firms in the market, which provide financial advice on company’s pension scheme and offers lucrative auto enrolment quote best suited for your business model. NEST is more beneficial for medium earners, so you can opt it for low earners and some high investment policy for others.

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