Getting a heap of long term care news every day is healthy. It is actually prescribed by health care specialists and financial advisors as it stimulates a person’s interest and drives him to act on his future.

Although very important and should be taken very seriously, long term care (LTC) is unfortunately not in everybody’s list of priorities. Coffee and gadgets don’t seem to escape this list but LTC can hardly be found anywhere.

Perhaps most people take life one day at a time and this is good as it keeps one’s sanity. Filling your mind with a smorgasbord of issues about the future can be draining, but not showing a bit of concern for it can pose great danger, too.

Long term care requires attention since it is inevitable and very expensive. You cannot just wake up one day and decide casually to enter a nursing home. If ever you acquire an illness in the future that will call for 24-hour care and monitoring in a nursing home, you must have at least $ 77,745 put away since this is the average annual rate of a nursing home nowadays.

Meanwhile, if you luckily don’t end up with a chronic illness but would need assistance with the activities of daily living (ADL) such as eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, continence, and transferring from one point of your house to another, you can opt for in-home care or an assisted living facility which boosts the social skills of a patient and at the same time spares him from problems related to home insurance, repairs and maintenance.

At present, the average cost of an assisted living facility ranges from $ 2,500 to $ 3,500 but people residing in the northeastern region of the country pay up to $ 5,000 for a one-bedroom assisted living facility. Home health aides, on the other hand, are priced averagely at $ 19 per hour, but in Alaska you have to fork out $ 31 an hour or a whopping $ 60,632 annually.

Why Keep Abreast of Long Term Care News

Aside from allowing you to keep up with the cost of care in your area, following LTC news won’t let you fall behind the latest issues.

Keep in mind that elderly abuse in nursing homes and other LTC facilities is still a continuous saga even though there are many cases that are currently filed in court. What’s more disturbing these days, however, are reports about the maltreatment of the elderly right in their own homes.

Have you encountered saddening reports about 70-something individuals who are deprived of food, pushed around, and spoken to nastily by their caregivers? Of course, the adult children of these elderly folks are not aware of these things because most of them are in a far-flung city working. What makes matters worse is that it has to take a neighbor to report the incident since the victims are suffering dementia and are no longer capable of defending themselves.

Reading long term care news will open your eyes to the painful realities in nursing homes, community-based LTC facilities and even home care. Knowing all these things will motivate you to plan your future correctly to avoid putting it in the hands of other people.

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