Registered nurse certification is an essential aspect to become eligible for nursing jobs. It is also a vital inclusion to uplift your career which also provides with a high salary. Registered nurse salary is one of the most lucrative reasons why individuals are attracted to this field. The demand for such candidates keep increasing due to the rise in various healthcare centers and hospitals all over the world. Thus a proper registered nurse salary not only provides monetary benefits along with other facilities but also enables them to work well.
Nursing is quite a critical profession since it involves exposure to medical hazards. This includes toxic supplies, air-borne infections and other such ailments. However, nurses at most times cannot do anything carelessly, as a little carelessness can even cost a patients life. In fact, providing incorrect medication could be fatal at times.  Thus those who obtain high salaries perform consistently well to ensure that patients are provided with utmost care at all times. As a result it is essential that nurses offer competitive salaries which inspire them to provide the most beneficial services. They even keep a track of the medications administered, the symptoms and progress of the patient. Reports state that those nurses with higher wages are extremely careful and work round the clock as well. 
The specialization and the field of expertise is what makes the salary structure different from each other. Nurses who assist surgeons are typically paid higher due to the kind of job that they perform. However, those working in other departments also obtain excellent salaries.  In the present times there are several career choices that an individual can make however with such instability in the job market it is evident that you make wise decisions. Nursing is one of the careers that are still in great demand even in tough times. 
With the increase in population all over the world it is essential to provide proper healthcare facilities. In fact, it has been projected that within 2020, there will be a shortage of 800,000 nurses. This proves why a registered nurse salary is so much higher than most professions. Usually the starting salary for a nursing staff is $ 45,000 which is quite high. Nurses often earn more when they obtain a suitable nursing degree. Working in a specialized clinic make it even simpler to acquire higher wages.
Registered nurses are mostly required in hospitals, clinics, schools, physician offices, business, veteran homes and several other places. Such professionals are also responsible of providing proper education to their patients  as well as promote healthy living. Registered nurses can specialize in areas like cardiology, oncology, pediatrics, psychology, cardiology and more. Travel nursing is also an excellent opportunity for nurses to work anywhere around the world with most expenses being paid along with the lucrative salary. A proper rn salary structure has been granted by healthcare clinics in U.S. The high registered nurse salary is quite rewarding for those looking to get nursing jobs in U.S. 

Jobs for registered nurses will always be in plenty since medical facilities are soaring high with every passing day. Although registered nurse salary varies due to several factors, the US government has effectively come up with suitable salary scales for registered nurses.

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