In today’s world with less jobs and new technology putting together a resume that best represents your skills is essential in today’s market. Just a few years ago employers would impress with a future employees knowledge of MS word, Excel, and just the basic skills for surfing the Internet. Now these skills are considered to be basic elementary and expected.

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Before going on an interview be sure to know what skills that future employer is looking for. It is important for you to become proficient using these programs. But along with the technical skills there are other basic skills that employers are interested in seeing on your resume.

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First highlight your social skills and how well you work with other people. Since the birth of computers to many of us have lost our social skills.

Secondly if you are bilingual by cultural highlight the skills. On world is much smaller than it used to be. The ability to speak a second language can be a real plus as well as your knowledge of other cultures.

Third emphasize your ability to train others and manage and lead work teams. Explain what you have done in your past that has enabled you to be a good leader. It can’t be both work related and in social settings.

Fourth Let your future employer know you are familiar with and able to use all of the social networking tools. You can accomplish this by putting on your resume links to your professional networking accounts. This will let your future employer know that you are a rare and familiar with Facebook and twitter.

Many companies find the skills a plus but at the same time you do not want future employers to see all of your accounts that have your friends pictures and non essential and sometimes damaging information.

As technology begins to move from PCs to smart skills where individuals are using iPads, iPhones and smart phones.

Let your future employer know that you are familiar with these devices.

Lastly if you have a knowledge of SEO search engine marketing lead that future employer know that you have the skills to increase the company’s revenue and how it could possibly fit into your position.

It is always best to let your future employer know all of your skills. You do not want to leave out the one that could cinch that job for you.

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