Dates – you definitely seen them in movies, teased your best buddy as he finally got ready for his, or probably gone on imaginary infatuations with celebrities your age. So, you must be ready. But just in case, here’s a list of dating advice for men to keep in mind and take to heart before you come knock on your would-be dream date’s door.

How to make the first move?

• Be confident – You always have to have confidence yet not overboard. It’s not that women don’t like you; they probably just don’t know if you’d like them. Just as guys are notoriously afraid of rejection, women are too! So, take the fear factor away and approach the girl of your dreams. Just hurry a little, for they may be other bees pursuing your pretty flower.

• Be cool – If it’s terrifying to figure out why your pals suddenly started having their partners and you’re left with the same old you – no girlfriend, partner, no nothing, keep your cool! All you need is proper timing. Know the kind of girl you want and if you’ve spotted her and is finding a way to talk to her or introduce yourself, always remember to chill and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Take it easy and everything else will follow.

• Be casual – Invite her to hang out after school or after office hours on neutral grounds such as the school’s cafeteria or the office’s pantry instead of asking her right away if she’d like to go out on a dinner or watch a movie with you. Allow some time to be comfortable with each other’s company. You’ll never know, she’ll be exclaiming these words in time, “Hey, I love your company, hanging out together frequently might be a good idea” while she really means, “Let’s go out on a date”!

How to have a good and lasting conversation

• Be true to yourself – One dating advice for men are to bring up a topic that you think you and your date have in common. It can be a favorite movie you’ve seen, a good book you’ve read, the kind of sports you play or a popular band maybe. Good conversation topics are endless. You just have to know what clicks. Keep in mind, on dates, there’s nothing more awkward than coming up with a great topic just to sound intelligent and all-knowing, yet unable to follow up some more because it’s not something that interests you.

• Pay attention – Focus man! This is the time to give your full attention on her. When she speaks, assure her that you’re listening. When she focus her eyes on you, make certain that you do too. To keep a conversation going, listening is the key. Listen so you can respond and listen so you can throw in some lines to keep the conversation up and going. Don’t bombard your date with too many questions either. Remember, it’s a date conversation, not an interview.

• Just enjoy yourself – And, make certain that she’s having a grand time and that the feeling is mutual. This kind of dating advice for men will let you know instantly if she’s into you as well.


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