There are a variety of ways to get a government grant and there are several types currently being offered. They apply to any number of people in a variety of situations. Of course, you must qualify for the money first and prove your entitlement. You cannot use the grant funds to augment your personal finances, either.

Definition of a Grant

The federal government is the authority that awards grant money. Grants are a form of financial assistance, usually for a business or non-profit agency. Applicants must fill out a form that proves they meet the criteria for the grant money. The funds must be used for something other than a service or property that would benefit the government. Currently available in a wide array of categories, there are over one thousand grants the federal government offers to U.S. citizens.

How to Apply

If you head up a non-profit agency, certain types of small businesses, a public housing, educational, or government organization, you may be able to get a government grant.

Individuals may also be eligible. You must apply for the grant on your own behalf, and not on that of an organization or company. Of course, you will also have to prove that your purpose for the funding meets the specific criteria of the grant agency. Such agencies include those involved with crime victims, humanities, fish and wildlife, and the EPA.

Federal Grants for a Small Business

Owners of a small business who are also female, part of a minority, an armed forces veteran, or considered disabled are eligible to get a government grant from the U.S. government.

Additionally, you may qualify for business development federal funding if any of these conditions apply to your company’s location: an area that is rural, low-income, or has suffered from a natural disaster, or in a tribal community.

Another type of grant applies to non-profit groups with a goal of aiding small business.

The grant money will not be released to an individual owner of the business, but will go to the non-profit organization itself.

And still two more types of government grants are available to small companies that are looking to train and hire new staff members as well as those that indicate they are developing certain new products.

Applying for a Government Grant

While each different grant will have some specific requirements, there are several things that must be included on all applications. A budget is one necessity; this must state exactly how the grant funds will be used. You will also need to indicate how long your project is expected to take. One of the most common reasons for an application to be rejected is invalid dates entered for the program duration. Be aware that some fields on the application form will only take a limited number of characters. Overall, the process of filling out the grant application is quite long and involved.

Once your application has been submitted, there is going to be a waiting period before you find out if it has been approved. The amount of time it takes varies depending on how many people have applied.

To get a government grant you will have to do everything exactly right and be patient. For some people, using an online company who can help them through the process might be quite beneficial. The money is out there, you just have to know how, where, and when to apply.

See if you are eligible to get a government grant.

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