ADHD is a very mild form of autism that is very common. Students with ADHD typically find it difficult to sit still and focus on their studies, and many are prescribed medications to help them calm down and focus better. It is not at all uncommon for a student who has been diagnosed with ADHD to have some learning disabilities as well.


Although some students have no problem fitting in with their classmates, it is more common for students with ADHD to feel ostracized. They know that they are different and so do their classmates. As a result, many of these students do not get the full social experience they deserve.


These students aren’t the only ones who struggle with ADHD; the lives of their parents are affected as well. Finding a group that offers ADHD support can go a long way toward helping parents better understand what their child faces. An ADHD support group can also help parents develop the skills they need to prepare their child for the future.


Many young adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD find that they do best if they take advantage of a transitional program instead of going straight to college after graduating from high school. A transitional program serves several different purposes, but the ultimate goal is to provide young adults with the skills they will need while in college. It helps young adults learn how to work around their learning disabilities and other complications that ADHD brings so they can complete their school work.


In addition to providing ADHD support and helping individuals become better students, transitional programs also help students learn the skills they need in order to survive on their own. The teachers who work for transitional programs tend to be more patient than most traditional high school teachers, and this patience makes it possible for these students to learn things like managing personal finances, tips for getting a good apartment and interviewing skills.


By the time young adults are ready to move from a transitional program into a traditional college, they are often changed human beings. The ADHD support they received while enrolled in the program will have taught them to treat their ADHD as an challenge instead of something that holds them back.

ADHD SupportCollege Living Experience is a transitional school that has helped hundreds of students with special needs and learning disabilities make the transition from high school to independent living. The school’s goal is to make sure that each student can eventually take care of him or herself.

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