Florida nursing schools provide a high quality education provided by some of the best instructors around. There are several programs offered including both Licensed and Registered Nursing. Upon graduation students will be well prepared to enter into a solid medical career with high pay and amazing benefits.

Florida is a sunny and warm state that is located in the southeastern part of the United States. There are many beaches and fabulous sights to keep visitors occupied throughout the year. Along with all of the fun activities, the state has some amazing schools that offer a high quality education to students, many of the educational facilities offer programs for individuals who wish to become nurses.

Getting In

Applying to any school or college program can be a time consuming process. The important thing is to begin the process early to avoid any obstacles that may pop up. Make a list of everything that needs to be done and check things off along the way.

Complete all of the prerequisites before starting the application. In order to get into an LPN or RN program, there will be a number of classes to complete. Basic college courses will include math and English, and potential nurses will also be required additional classes including medical terminology, anatomy and microbiology before ever entering the program. Most will also require that a student keep their grades up as well.

Students who are transferring from another school will have to have transcripts sent. In addition, financial aid forms will need to be filled out. Individuals who are not eligible for assistance with tuition and books must set up a payment schedule with the college before classes ever start.

Many medical programs require that additional certifications be obtained before entrance. Some students will have to complete a CPR course, which is offered by many local hospitals and the Red Cross. Many individuals will need to complete a CNA curriculum as well.


Surviving college is difficult to say the least and working hard to become a nurse is even harder. The programs are fast paced and students are required to take in a lot of information in a short amount of time. However, the end results are worth any efforts that were put out.

Be willing to put in a lot of time. Cut out any extracurricular activities and keep social outings to a minimum. Although college night life includes a lot of parties, it is best to avoid such things while trying to become a nurse. Keeping a clear head is vital to the learning process.

Schedule study time and use it wisely. Take small breaks every half hour to avoid monotony and stay focused. Go for a short walk or watch some television.

Get lots of sleep and eat a balanced diet. Staying up all night studying will catch up with any student and cause severe crashes in the long run. Eating foods that are highly nutritious will help with memory and brain function.

Florida nursing schools have a lot to offer anyone who wishes to enter into the fast paced field. The classes are taught by well qualified instructors and the rewards are endless. Be smart and stay on track to avoid any detours along the way and a degree will be obtained in no time.

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