Yangcheng Evening News by the State Sports General Administration of ball sports management center and the China Golf Association, Shenzhen same philosophy Sports Event Management Co., Ltd. hosted the 2011 China Amateur Golf Championship Fangshan Changyang will be October 12 to 16 in Beijing water County Golf Club in California. Then, from the United States, Australia and other 10 countries and regions, 30 foreign players, and the country’s top 70 players will be fierce competition, male and female champions will each get held in China next year’s Asian Tour event and Chinese women of a race to qualify.


To reserve for the 2016 Olympic Games and the talents of the Chinese Amateur Golf Championship, gathered taylormade burner superfast 2.0 driver in the current China’s most outstanding amateur players. According to reports, 70 major domestic players from 2008 to 2011 in various types of high co-sponsored amateur tournaments from 2008 to 2011 in various types of high co-sponsored by the Youth Group A championship game, the Chinese national team and national youth teams, and the Chinese men’s top 36 ranked amateur, woman top 15 good players.


Meanwhile, the U.S., South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, India and China and Hong Kong’s Golf Association, will be recommended and selected 30 excellent players (20 men, 10 women) participated.However, from a global perspective, food security and environment are plans, not because of short-term gains have been wantonly violated. Therefore, the State Council Steering Group to clean up around the golf course renovation was illegally built people have high hopes for scotty cameron putter. In fact, to deal with the illegal construction of local golf course, is not involved the central ministries and local interests to lobby.


Central ban illegal builders dare to commit a major reason is that in the past the State Department ban on using the word “pause” in tone, and the State Council in 2009 to promote tourism development in Hainan, the paper also mentioned the need to regulate the development of the golf industry, so they have such a thinking: has a huge investment in the fait accompli of the case, the first pregnancy after the wedding, so looking forward to “pause” to “allow”, the sense of the word would be “Sports Park”, “leisure club” sign into the “Golf Club.”


The supervision of the State Council, the Steering Group around the golf course for taylormade r9 renovation, it should take firm action, one by one all over the illegal construction of the exposure situation, the illegal occupation of arable land court, public forest land, wetlands, we must insist on rectification and restoration of vegetation and farmland.


The Steering Group should be given sufficient powers for non-compliance officers, in conjunction with discipline inspection and supervision departments should firmly deal with, suspected of crimes, the transfer of the judiciary. Only violations will check, illegal and must be corrected, breaking some local government officials and developers on the golf course “Parental Guidance” fantasy, in order to establish the seriousness of the central government decrees in order to curb illegal land violations of the wind.

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