The first time he applied for disability, the Social Security Administration lost his birth certificate so that was one delay while he obtained another from the state he was born in. Then they lost his file completely and he had to refile. Next, he received two letters the same day. One said because he did not answer a letter never received, his case was denied. The other letter said they had no record of his filing (this was the second time he filed)

He received a phone call saying they had no record of his filing. When he asked, if that was the case, how come they had his phone number, the person at the other end suggested he file again. (Third time) All of this did not happen days or even weeks apart. Each happened over several months of waiting. Finally, after four years his case was again denied, but he was allowed to go to arbitration. His lawyer brought in a file that was over fourteen inches thick. The judge did not take days to review the case. He granted my friend disability on the spot.

Now, because he is on disability, (and receives a little over $ 700. a month) he is allowed to get food stamps. He was receiving about $ 130 a month in food stamps. This averages out to about $ 32 per week to survive on. He has three things against him. 1) He is white and English is his native language. 2) He is male. 3) He has no dependent children – legitimate or otherwise.

Consequently, he is now being denied food stamps. His case is ‘in review’. It has been being reviewed for the past several weeks. He has faxed, mailed and tried to call the local Food Stamp office. So far no response.

I do not know how my friend is supposed to eat while the Food Stamp office gets around to reviewing his case. I do not know why they say his case has to be reviewed every four months.

What I do know is if my friend was from another country, and never worked in the states, he would not only be getting food stamps automatically, but receiving a government check for over $ 1500 a month.

Its a sad state of affairs when people born here and who worked here all their lives are treated as second class citizens and are denied the right to survive, while others that come from another country, and have never contributed anything to our society, are automatically given whatever they need.


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