Government funded grants are available in order to subsidize and make an award to someone who wishes to undertake a venture. Of course, there are restrictions, the notable one to be eligible to receive a grant, is that your company will need to, in some way, benefit the public.

For small businesses they can be difficult to get because the criteria which businesses need to meet in order to claim a grant is somewhat limited.

Research of course is the key to any venture and looking into what grants may be available to help you is always worth some time and effort. Non-profit organisations will generally get the nod above other enterprises, and it is worth noting that the government are not in the habit of handing out monies to individuals to go out and make a profit for themselves.

Fields of interest for small businesses looking at getting government funded grants are research and development, especially in areas that are in the limelight of current public interest. Anything which can benefit the climate and environment for example, will, more likely than not, be smiled upon. Grants handed out need to go towards making the stimulus of the country a more viable stable, as opposed to a singular profit-making organisation.

Educational organisations and enterprises which are strictly non-profit, are also favourable recipients. Any small business starting up, hoping to rely on grants should be aware of this. The keys are benefiting the public in some way and helping the economy. Drifting into helping any area of society which is considered less than privileged, will more likely than not see grants provided.

Finding government funded grants is not too difficult, a simple visit to the government’s website will point you in the right direction.

Of course, as with any grant application there will be requirements which need to be met to judge the viability of handing out cash to you. A search for relative grants can be done on the site, by offering up just a basic premise of what your proposal for a venture is. This will ascertain what options may be affordable to you.

In the US, basic requirements are being domiciled in the country where the grant is being applied for, and that size requirements, with regards to employees for the company, are met. How much revenue is likely to be forecasted will also raise certain expectations, and will limit the grants which you will be able to apply for. Certain fields must have specific targets for revenue and employees, so it is worth investigating how viable your company will be with regards to these two factors.

Just because a government funded grant may not be forthcoming for your exciting new business plan, that is not the be all and end all. It is worth contacting small business administration services to see if there are other options to explore. There may be more specific grants which can help you if you are looking to start a small business with profit making in mind.

For more information on government funded grants for small businesses visit Government Small Business Grants at http://www.government-small-business–

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