With the global economy currently on its knees, it is comforting to know that there is a vast number of government grants for individuals to apply for. Regardless of occupation or status (you could be a farmer, student, entrepreneur, or just a private individual), you may well be eligible for a government grant. But what types of grants are available to us?

Well, one of the most popular government grants for individuals is the one specifically designed for deserving students; after all, college education is by no means cheap. Educational grants are available to anyone looking to get into university. In these cases, a fairly straightforward process is followed: the school recording their recommendation for the school authorities, and the financial details of the student. Additionally, the school will usually also maintain financial details of the family to ensure the student is truly eligible.

Students wishing to travel overseas (but unable to afford it) are also pretty commonplace. No surprise then, that there are grants specifically tailored to these circumstances and, for some students, there is even an opportunity of qualifying for grants to finance 100% of their research and/or studies.

Other government grants for individuals include those aimed at individual victims of natural disasters, such as floods or hurricanes (more prevalent in some regions than others). These grants are used aid the victims and their families get their lives back to some level of normality following life-changing catastrophes. Examples of the use to which these grants can be put, include total rebuild of family dwellings, or even family or individuals’ businesses. Farmers, for instance, are able to apply for grants specific to their industry, such as farming equipment and machinery.

These are only a few of the numerous government grants for individuals, so if you are seeking one for yourself, you will need to do a bit of research to see if there is a grant that caters to your needs.

As already highlighted, there are a many different categories of both broad and more specific grants just awaiting your application. Once located, you will then need to approach the relevant agency in order to start processing your application. These applications are usually straightforward, though the paperwork can appear onerous. However, once all of the requirements have been met and submitted, and your application accepted, you can start making full use of your government grant money.

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