KMT Central Committee at the Third Session of the CPPCC National Committee first submitted the proposal that the environment should be green, green economy, green human three levels, in particular the implementation of government green procurement, and comprehensively promote the “Green Chinese” building.

 October 2008, in order to save the global financial crisis, the more long-term human development, United Nations Environment Programme proposed the “Green New Deal” program, hopes to promote “green economy” development, the human leads to financial crisis, the global economy in the 21st century a new development. Currently, the U.S., Japan and South Korea and other countries have been promulgated and implemented their own “Green New Deal” to strive in the future a new pattern of international competition occupy a commanding height, to obtain advantage.

 Proposal that the reform and opening up three decades, as China’s industrialization and urbanization are accelerating the development stage, the contradictions of economic growth and environmental protection is very conspicuous. According to statistics, China’s greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries, 50% of total emissions, global emissions 15% by 2050, China’s global energy consumption will reach about 60% of total consumption. November 25, 2009, the State Council executive meeting held and put forward a series of new binding targets: one unit of GDP by 2020 carbon dioxide emissions compared to 2005 decreased 40% -45%, the indicator will be included in national economic and social the development of long-term planning, and to develop appropriate national statistics, monitoring, assessment methods; Second, by 2020 non-fossil energy accounts for the proportion of primary energy consumption to 15%; third, to the forest area in 2020 than in 4000 in 2005 million hectares of forest stand volume in 2005 by 13 billion cubic meters. The move shows that the Green Revolution in China and developed countries stand on the same starting line, a large country in the shoulder the responsibility, but also great opportunities to win.

 Proposal that, should the green environment, green economy, green human three levels, and comprehensively promote the “Green Chinese” building. Specific recommendations are as follows:

 Make green building programs to strengthen legislation

 National People’s Congress and the State Department should develop and publish “The People’s Republic of China on climate change law” and “promote” Green China “Construction of opinions” and other laws, regulations and policy, and “12 Five Year Plan,” highlights environmental protection in low carbon and energy content of the new.

 Introduced to support restrictions. Categorized by industry or sector to determine the energy intensity, carbon intensity, industrial and domestic wastewater discharge, chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions, solid waste and building energy conservation standards, energy reduction targets specific to each enterprise, exceeded targets for energy companies to give incentives for companies unable to complete energy-saving targets imposed heavy fines. Of the tax concessions to encourage enterprises to actively join the environmental protection, new energy and energy-saving product development industry, by way of cash subsidies to encourage consumers to use energy-saving appliances, solar water heaters and other household energy-saving equipment, using stairs price, price, gas price, Enterprises and individuals are conscious energy conservation.

 Good ecological environment planning. “Green city” standards activities to energy, water, land, focusing on comprehensive utilization of resources, innovation environment and economic policy, and built a number of compliance requirements of the development of circular economy clean businesses, eco park, eco-cities and counties in the town.

 Implementation of government green procurement. Has been published in energy-saving products and environmental labeling products based on the opinions on government procurement, and introduce “Green Government Procurement Regulations,” give priority to independent innovation of energy-saving environmental protection products, equipment included in the scope of government procurement, government procurement to promote renewable, recyclable use of certified products through environmental labeling, and promote improvements in corporate environmental behavior, play on the whole society to promote green consumption and exemplary role.

 To develop a green economy

 Developing environmental protection industry, including production of environmental protection equipment, garbage collection and disposal. High-polluting industries pay close attention to technological innovation, increasing investment, for “carbon intensity” of the lower of the crisis for the business.

 Promote “green business” to create work, to promote enterprise in the course of business, low energy consumption, low carbon dioxide emissions and zero pollution in pursuit of goals, better play of corporate social responsibility, to ensure the sustainability of business development.

 The establishment of a national emissions trading or carbon exchanges, conduct and carbon emission rights trading.

 Promote green culture

 To promote green consumption. Governments, civil organizations, enterprises in a planned, systematic, and have been targeted to increase eco-friendly green product promotion, the consumer’s right to know truly enhance the consumer’s desire for green consumption.

 Promote green living. If the public refused to call off products, the implementation of paperless office, shopping, first count the carbon emissions, do not drive when necessary, and so on.

 Strengthen the green education. Publicity departments at all levels and education and training institutions should have a new understanding of his job, through environmental education, cultivate and improve the whole society to participate in awareness.

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