Home owners can now avail Government mortgage assistance programs to avoid foreclosures and refinance their mortgages. The recession compelled the American Government to pass this Bill in 2009. It is very critical for a struggling home owner to be aware of and derive the benefits due to him from these programs.


Government mortgage assistance helps homeowners avoid foreclosures. This is for people who are unable to pay their monthly mortgages. It also helps a homeowner paying the mortgage to use fixed-rate loans to make less payment every month. People can modify existing mortgages and refinance their homes.


Mortgage Modification


Homeowners who cannot pay their mortgages on time have to work with the lender in order to change the terms of mortgage. The homeowner gets to keep the home while it avoids the foreclosure-process for the lender. Usually, the interest rates are reduced for a certain period during which one can pay off more of the principal. And, if the homeowner makes monthly payments on time, he/she is eligible for a reduction in the principal balance. The lender qualifies for incentive payments for each modified loan. This Government mortgage assistance plan expires in December 2012.

Mortgage Refinance


This government mortgage assistance program helps people who have lost a lot of their home\’s value. People with no equity or negative equity and those who are consistent in their monthly payments qualify for refinance loans. The eligibility criterion requires that the loan has to be owned by either Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. A person is ineligible, if the property value has plunged too low or if the loan is a jumbo loan. This refinancing option expires in June 2010.


One should realize the benefits of the government mortgage assistance programs. With the help of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, one can secure government aid to help make the mortgage payments.


Government mortgage assistance programs were announced in February of 2009 by President Obama as a part of the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan. The objective is to assist struggling homeowners to pay mortgage and loans.

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