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Recently, the Ministry of Finance and National Development and Reform Commission jointly held in Beijing “

Energy Product Administration Purchase Selected list of business awards ceremony gave the sign, “as appeared in the” Government Procurement of energy-saving products list “of companies awarded the product identification

Certificate , Haier Central air conditioning There are three products to the shopping list.

“Energy-saving products the government procurement list” will be air conditioning,

Water Heater Other nine products identified as government procurement of energy-saving products mandatory, Haier air conditioning central air conditioning selected series products. Standard Certification Center official said the authorities concerned, short-listed “energy-saving products the government procurement list” of products, all must pass strict Standard Certification Center certification, product certification standards are based on national energy efficiency standards and to develop domestic energy situation, the business only with the core of energy-saving technology and excellent production conditions, perfect testing conditions in order to get energy-saving products certification.

Haier central air-conditioning unit machine, multi-line,

Chiller Three products are included in the “energy-saving products government procurement list”, the above three categories of products in Beijing

Olympics Venues In some facilities, including Haier R410a in a completely different and more together the most representative of the central air conditioning, Haier R410a air conditioning all together become more Haier central air-conditioning products matching the ace of the Olympic venues, National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”, “Beijing Fengtai softball center “of 21 Olympic venues will be used in conjunction Haier R410a in a completely different and more central air conditioning. The product is energy saving, environmental protection were among the world’s leading energy efficiency ratio as high as 4.28, but also with its environmental leadership. Previously by the European ROHS environmental protection order, became the first certified by the European ROHS Directive products.

“Energy-saving products the government procurement list” of products with the compulsory purchase of, when used by government agencies at all levels of financial funds for government procurement activities, procurement of product categories are “list” in the list of nine categories of products, must purchase the list of brands, not “list” of the enterprises are not allowed to purchase products.

“Energy-saving products the government procurement list” of publicity, including Haier central air-conditioning means that the various brands, including government procurement projects have priority right to be selected, without short-listed the brand, it will not in government procurement project considered within the scope.

In the enterprise experts believe that the Award in recognition of the General Assembly: “Strong adoption of energy efficient products in carrying out the policy, deepen the reform of government procurement system, Haier central air-conditioning contributed to it not only provides a stable, energy saving, environmentally friendly products, the also

National Brand

Development has played a leading role. “

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