Today most of the challenging and exciting jobs are offered by the government sector. In this unpredictable world only government jobs can ensure job security. The pension plans and the future security are higher than any other private sector job. The growth of new entrepreneurs and private sector jobs has not been able to reduce the stature and position of a government employee. Government has established various mediums for recruitment of jobs in various government departments. NDA, SSC, AND IFS are such mediums which provide a platform for the aspiring candidates to exhibit their knowledge and skills.

It is a commission set up by the government to recruit individuals for technical and non-technical posts in departments of the government.
There are various offices in different parts of the India which supervise the work of SSC and conduct exams and interviews.
Various offices of SSC are in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati and the sub regional offices are in Raipur The main headquarters of SSC are in Delhi, where all the important discussions are made regarding the work of SSC.
It also conducts typewriting tests in Hindi and English.
The dates for examination in 2011, for various posts in technical and non-technical department have been released.

NDA refers to National Defence Academy. Every year it recruits many courageous individuals who fight for our country.
It is most important to have a sense of patriotism and love for one’s own country to be a part of this.
Courageous and loyal to the country and high on general awareness level.
During the exam conducted by UPSC, it is very important to be high on the general awareness level in order to clear the exam. You must have a thorough knowledge of the important events in our country in order to be a brave soldier.
Indian Foreign service is a body of diplomats of India. The recruitment is based on the performance in the Mains exams and the prelims exams.
The acceptance rate adopted by IFS is 0.01 per cent. Out of the 40, 00-50, 00 candidates that appear for the exam, only 800-900 are selected and undergo further training.
Thus, NDA, SSC, IFS are different mediums of the government which recruit individuals based on their capability. They aspire to build a strong team of individuals, who under guidance and training can lead the country to the path of success. In the year 2011, many candidates would be in the list of SSC recruitment 2011 and other while in some departments others are still awaiting their results.

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