The difficulty of government in monitoring things under their care is evident everywhere we look. One only has to mention one hundred dollar hammers to conjure up the failures of the past that make us shake our heads in wonder. If we ran businesses in the same manner, we would be fired for incompetence.

There is one thing that government can do to stem the tide of bad management: obtain and implement GPS Tracking devices in all of their most expensive assets that are on the move.

Whether it is the armed forces, or outside contractors, those organizations with significant public money tied up in vehicles and other assets need to use GPS Tracking devices. Here is how they can help:

Tracking for Location

Where are your assets located? If you have GPS Tracking implemented you can know in a matter of minutes. This is especially important for assets that contain sensitive technology that should not fall into the wrong hands. For just a few hundred dollars, you can outfit each item. This expenditure is far less than most of these items are worth and will help you keep a tight grip on their location at all times.

Tracking for Management

Do your vehicles or assets need to be maintained on regular basis? Are you unable to view these units in person? Do you need a better method to make sure that they are brought in for necessary maintenance and repairs? GPS Tracking can give you the control that you need to make this happen. Scheduling assets for service in a timely manner helps to insure that they are running at peak efficiency and that they last longer, too.

Tracking for Recovery

Should an asset fall into the wrong hands, you can know it in an instant and send out messages to the proper authorities to recover it. Being able to bring closure to these types of situations means that you have save the public money and you the embarrassment of having to answer to why the item went undetected for so long. It is an exercise that you will not want to have to face.

Tracking for Accountability

Being in control of government assets is a serious business. Those who are put into these situations are expected to be able to answer for the whereabouts of the assets at a moment’s notice.

There is no reason that any government entity should not be using GPS Tracking to track their assets. The public has placed its trust into the government to act responsibly when it comes to these assets. That trust can be made secure by the use of these devices.

James Neely, Writer and Entrepreneur

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