If you are are a single mother, looking after your kids can be very difficult. Not only do you have to earn money to feed them and clothe them, you have to send them to school and still pay the rent. Raising children right is a full-time job, which is why women used to stay home while their husbands went to work to support their families. But with the man of the house unavailable to perform his duties, you now have to handle two persons’ worth of work.

Fortunately, there are free government grants available to help single women support their families. For federal financial aid for women, you should look at the government website, grants.gov. To have the highest chance of success when applying for this kind of government money, you should start with the financial aid program that is most specific to your situation. For example, if you are a single black mom, you should start with all the grants for minority single mothers for which you are eligible. The most specific programs are usually the grants with the most rules and regulations attached to them. These are the ones which are the most difficult to game, and also have the fewest number of competitors.

After you have applied for federal financial aid, you should also look for financial aid from your state government and city or town council. Do not just look for monetary aid. Non-monetary subsidies can sometimes be even more helpful to your situation. For example, some women find that subsidized housing for single mothers can free up a lot of their daily expenses. Then there is also the possibility of subsidized childcare and various grants and scholarships for you or your kids to go to school.

Remember to also look for programs offered by private foundations, charities and other special interest groups. Returning to our previous example, if you are a single black mom, you should also look for grants for minority single mothers offered by these non-government organizations. Just remember that real charities do not ask the needy to give them money and you should be safe from scams. Educational grants to help adult single mothers continue or further their education is something that you should really look at. Most organizations are more willing to give you money when you show them that you are looking to the future as well as willing to work hard to get there, and higher education is one of these traditional bastions.

Besides this, there are also support groups for single mothers from which you can get a lot of help and advice. While groups like these cannot give you any money, they can give you emotional support which should never be underestimated. You might also be able to get various hand-me-downs, exchange babysitting duties and even get leads on additional forms of single mother assistance, including financial aid.

In addition, if you are a religious person, you should consider asking for help from your church. Like the case with the single moms’ support group, do not expect your padre to give you any money. But a good padre would know his parishioners well, and should be able to introduce you to people who can help you as a single mother. For example, some of them might be able to give you work to do, and others might be able to give you advice and help applying for grants for single mothers.

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