Single Mom In Debt

The single mom in debt. She is a victim of today’s economic recession. Unfortunately, she is also the target of many scams floating around these days, such as firms promising to hook a single mom in debt up with government grants for single moms. These heartless companies promoting these scams ought to be hogtied — or at least made to sit through a Pauly Shore marathon.

Their scam goes something like this: For x-amount of dollars we will send you the web link or the forms you need to apply for government grants for single moms. The rub is – you part with your money and receive worthless information, if you receive anything at all. Women out there really need to read the fine print and look things over and size things up carefully.

Debt Relief

However, when it comes to single moms in debt and actual ways and means for them to get debt relief – very real and successful programs exist. Old and new. These programs include: debt consolidation & debt consolidation loans, debt settlement, consumer credit counseling, and in extreme cases – bankruptcy. These are programs that are proven to provide a single mom in debt with the debt management and debt reduction plans that are the most beneficial. But to repeat: Grant for single moms do not exist.

As just mentioned, bankruptcy should only even be considered in extreme situations.

The reason is that bankruptcy is like a poison pill. Single moms in debt that feel like they’re drowning in debt might fall for the TV commercials touting that bankruptcy is a walk in the park and can give you a fresh start – this is simply not true. Bankruptcy is by no means a simple walk in the park. It can relieve some debt obligations, yet others remain. Property can still be seized. And the stain on bankruptcy on one’s credit record for up to 10 years cannot be overemphasized. This is truly damaging.

One of the best debt reduction and elimination programs available to single moms today is known as Debt Settlement. This is a newer program that has been gaining much media attention as of late. It works by having a debt settlement firm negotiate on your behalf with your creditors with the goal of gaining concessions in the total amount of debt that is owed. Debt Settlement can achieve amazing reductions in debt of 50% up to 75% – without ever needing to even consider bankruptcy. And as we have mentioned – grants for single moms do not exist.

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John Chase works in the finance field, and writes about topics such as debt settlement & debt consolidation, home loan modification, credit repair and unemployment issues.

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