It is unfortunate that all around the world there are mothers who carry the responsibilities supposedly shared by a husband and wife. Single mothers who have either been divorced or left alone in some way shoulder all the monthly bills and daily expenses for food and others. Balancing their time between career and taking care of children also adds to their stress. Knowing the difficulties that these women go through, the government has established programs that aim to ease their burdens in the form of grants.

There are different grants for single mothers that they can avail of. That includes cash grants that are given to single mothers having a hard time providing for the fundamental needs of their families. It is not as big as one would expect, but it still helps. Another includes grants related to housing and household needs, which works by assisting single mothers in acquiring a modest home at a lower than usual price and gives discounts when paying for the electric bills. 

There are also medical assistance grants that help in providing for the insurance children, which most single mothers simply cannot afford.  Through this grant, single mothers are assured that their children’s medical needs are taken cared of. Food assistance is also available in the form vouchers or stamps, which single mothers can use when buying food for their families. These food programs ensure that single mothers and their children are able to enjoy a decent and healthy food on their plates without having to pay a lot.

Most single mothers are either students who dropped out of school due to pregnancy, or working mothers left by their husbands.

For students with difficult financial reasons (as most of their money is spent on providing for their baby’s needs), the government has specific grants to help them get back to school or college. The government also has a different program for single mothers who want to pursue higher education, as this can help a lot in helping them step up the ladder at work and be able to bring home a higher salary.

Not all these grants are available for all single mothers, though, and there are basic requirements like forms to be filled-up and submitted for scrutiny before a grant is awarded. This is justified by the fact that although all single mothers are having a hard time, some are in more need of the grants than others are. It is true that these grants are not enough to make the lives of single mothers comfortable and convenient, but they contribute a lot in making their everyday lives less stressful and worrisome.  

Dawn Lee is a single mother of one from Georgia and co-editor of – a website dedicated on providing legit resources on grants for single mothers.

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