Becoming a work at home mom may be frusterating at first. Having an extra income in the home sounds great. But is it really that easy? Have you joined other opportunitys and only making pennies at these so called jobs? Where can you find opportunitys that actually pay you well? We offer some suggestions and help you better understand your options.

A great Christmas time income opportunity is to write letters to little children from Santa. Its easy to add a postmark from the North Pole. Another idea is to add a snack with the letter. You can do this by creating a website and offering this service to parents who want their children to get a letter from Santa. Another great idea is to advertise to people who need inportant letter’s written.

You could bake cakes for extra WAHM income. A lot of stay at home moms make extra money making birthday or wedding cakes. If you are good at baking and decorating cakes, you may do well at this type of work. This would allow you to let your creative side show through while earning an extra income. This would also give you a break from your normal work at home mom routine.

You could work as a mystery shopper. Does your work at home mom job keep you so busy that you can’t get out of the house? You could make extra WAHM income by working as a mystery shopper, which normally takes an hour or so per job. You can earn a couple of dollars and get some free products.

You could become a sales consultant for products including food, cosmetics, and more. This is work you can do on your own schedule to bring in extra WAHM income. You have to read every word of the contract you sign to make sure you are not going to get taken advantage of.

You may have to meet minimum sales goals monthly or quarterly so be sure those goals are realistic for you.

Find extra WAHM income jobs outside of your home. If you want a break from your WAHM job, you may want to consider taking a job outside of the home on a part-time basis. Someone who enjoys working out may look for part-time work at a fitness center because these jobs may include a free gym membership. You could also do holiday work at a department store.

Being a work at home mom is not always easy. The reason you are a WAHM may be that you have to have the extra income. If you have a WAHM job now, you may want to consider doing some extra work in order increase your income. These extra income WAHM jobs are not going to pay your bills but they can give you a break from your normal WAHM job. The following are some options for extra WAHM income jobs.

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