Teenagers these days are always looking for great ways to make money while still having the time to study and go to school. Here today we will discuss some great job ideas that will help you as a team to make good money and also to set you up for later on in life to make even more money. Let’s take a look at what I feel are the best jobs out there for you today.

When you think of jobs hiring teens what is the first thing that should come to your mind as a young adult? The answer should always be connections. In the business world it’s not just how hard you can work but more importantly who you know and what is the one place that people make more business connections than any other job in the world? That’s right, the golf field. If you are a polite person with manners who is very good in all social situations than getting a job at a golf course in the resort is the best investment you can make towards your future. There are many jobs available at the golf course which you can take.

You can start working from the ground up at maintenance and groundskeeping where you can take care of the golf field and also during the day talk it up with the many businesspeople that are out playing around of golf, but the best way to make business connections their is to become a caddie or work in the clubhouse. In addition to making many business connections, working at a resort golf course can pay between $ 10-$ 14 an hour. For almost any teenager that is pretty good pocket money which they can either save or put to good use towards a down payment on a new car. Now in addition to the good hourly pay that you will be getting their you can also make a lot of good tips if you are cordial with the customers.

If however you are looking for more lighthearted and fun job in which almost all of your customers are smiling and having a great time than getting a job at an amusement park is a great idea. The great part about working in and use the park other than a fun environment is that you will be working outdoors. You can either work at one of the stands or you can help with setup and maintenance. There’ll always be job openings they are for teenagers. Now while the pay isn’t as great(8$ to $ 12 an hour) as working in a golf resort , it certainly isn’t something that you will get bored with very quickly. You can also make a lot of friends there as there will be many people around your age.

Another great idea for jobs hiring teens is to start an outdoor home maintenance system. You can start advertising by word-of-mouth around your neighborhood that you are ready to do any kind of yard work such as trimming the bushes or raking the front lawn. Now this may not seem as fun as working in an amusement park or as profitable for your future as working as a caddie at a golf course resort but it can really help you get in shape and the work is plentiful as most people these days are too busy working to make ends meet to really spend time on cleaning their front yard or backyard.

Once you have performed a few jobs around your neighborhood people will start to pass your name around through word-of-mouth. You can expect to start out making between $ 8 and $ 12 an hour but as you expand your service and learned to do a more complete front yard maintenance, you will be able to charge your customers a lot more for your time as they will no that every time they hire you may well get their front yard spotless clean.

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