Spring is here, and with the coming of Spring the hearts of teenagers everywhere turn to the arrival of Summer, with its own expectations of fun with friends, trips, shopping, movies and … a summer job. Much like the rites of passage ceremonies in primitive societies getting a summer job is an expected part of growing up.

Because a job should be more than just a way to make money for a new movie or a computer game; it can be a way to explore endless possibilities for a rewarding future. So, finding jobs for teens should really start in Spring, and done with some thought. After all, who wants to spend the Summer at a burger joint when you could be learning a new skill, or getting ideas for an adult career.

But what’s wrong with working at a burger joint? It’s a low paying yes, but, with the new sensibilities of many of the burger chains, one can learn a lot about hard work and working under pressure. Many of the fast food chains do offer incentives and ways to build up money for college tuition. Plus you get free food, not a bad thing for a growing teenager.

There are many other possibilities to the burger flipping route, even though these are probably the most available jobs for teens. Many teens head to the local mall and check out openings at their favorite stores. Shopaholics can work at a clothing store and learn something of the intricacies of retail marketing, plus getting discounts on clothes.

A teenager who is considering a career in photography could find a job in a camera store, or even find work assisting a freelance professional photographer, gaining real world experience in an artistic and challenging field.

A young artist could find a job at an art and crafts store, and gain first hand knowledge of supplies along with opportunities to meet working artists in their communities.

What about an aspiring nurse or doctor? There are always calls for help at local health care centers, or even local hospitals.

Before deciding on a doctor’s career, you should be certain that you don’t faint at the sight of a needle!

And animals lovers have many job choices open to them. veterinary hospitals always need kennel help, as do local boarding kennels and animal shelters. Teens thinking about a teaching career could start by tutoring children in the summer, or working at a day care center.

Whatever a young teenager’s passions are there is probably a job for them somewhere. And those who aren’t sure what their passions are can discover them at a summer job, along with developing life skills. So, jobs for teens are not just ways to pass the time and earn some extra money, but a pathway to adulthood.

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