Children of different ages face hair losses. The causes of children hair loss are many. There may various reasons for hair loss among children. Some of the most of the important reason for children hair loss are diseases, psychological problems, eating habits, environmental problems like pollution and medication side effects. Some of the diseases that causes hair loses among children are diabetes, cancer and tinea capitis. An elaborate explanation of the different hair loses are:-DISEASES-one of the diseases that is the responsible for hair loss among children are tinea capitis that is ring worm development on the scalp. It is a kind of fungal diseases occurring on the scalp, eyelashes and eyebrows. PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS- hair loses occur due to psychological problems. Trichotillomania is a type. It is an obsessive compulsive disorder. In this disorder the child plucks his hair from the scalp. While plucking and then eating of the hair is called trichophagy. Excessive medication is also a reason for hair fall in children.

Making people beautiful is a business. The business of boutique is changing for the betterment. Hair boutiques are a new concept which has transformed the whole of traditional salon system. Hair boutique concept was started in New York. The concept of Hair Boutiques has changed the whole meaning of fashion as it provides the concept of styling from head to toe. In Hair boutique customers can normally get satisfied with a condition that boutique has all fashion accessories with good quality, quantity and a good atmosphere as well. This concept is adopted by many hair salons so as to make a hike in their income and to create awe in the mind of customers so that they can get back to their place after getting satisfied.

Different person have different style and texture of hair like brown hair type, thin hair, and many other types, and for every different texture they use a unique Hair Tips like for greasy hair it is recommended not to wash everyday as sebaceous glands turn over stimulated causing hair problems, like wise for dry hair it is recommended to use conditioner and shampoo to wash and make smooth. There should be special care for those who are suffering hair loss like it is recommended to notice all those reasons and facts which are affecting their hair type and do consult doctor in case desires otherwise early cases can be handled by oneself only. There are different hair products in market but a user should always find out that whether they are good for them or not because they can create more damage.

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