We all are obsessed with our looks. Don’t believe me? How many times in a day can you try crossing a mirror without looking into it? People go to extreme lengths to look beautiful. One invention in the list of making you look better is contact lenses. Though, the invention originally was for correcting the vision. Halloween Contacts can now be worn for replacement of glasses or as a fashion accessory. These are available in a number of colors combinations and patterns. All add a makeover to your look making you upfront with the hottest trend.

Contact lenses are a thin, water based, also called hydrophilic, optical lenses used for correcting the vision or as a fashion accessories. They are soft and cold, made up of water and allow oxygen to pass through them so that it can reach to the eyes.

Coloured contact lenses come in two categories, viz. opaque and translucent. Opaque contact lenses have a thin clear area in the center for pupil to make you see through. Around this they have, color impressions that change the feature of the eyes when in use. These can be used on any eye color and the user can get the eye color of his choice. Another category is translucent which has a transparent impression of color which when applied makes your eye look colored. The natural color of eyes is reflected in these lenses because it can be seen through even after application. It is ideal for people who want to try darker shades than their natural color.

 One should consult an optometrist before using coloured contact lenses and use only the prescribed ones.

In case of any eye irritation or redness one should immediately consult a doctor. The contact lenses should be worn only for prescribed hours. They should be kept properly when not in use. It should be made clear to not let lenses get dehydrated. They should always be stored in their solution only. Though contact lenses do not provide any harm to our eyes they should be worn with proper safety and hygiene.

There is a wide range of contact lenses available in the market. They are available as daily disposables, two weekly disposable, monthly disposable, bifocal or multi-focal and disposable coloured contact lenses. There is a special category of contact lenses available for sports men to be more competitive. These help them in focusing, contrasting fine details and clarity.

 It is recommended to not to buy contact lenses over the counter without consultation with the doctor. Always use a doctor’s prescription for buying them. Buy only a reputed brand of contact lenses. Always follow the guidelines mentioned on the pack. Never ever expose lenses to soap, running water, saliva etc. Always use their solution to wash them and to keep them hydrated.

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