The art of writing love letters to girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, and wives seems to have been lost. I know that in this modern era, people prefer to send it via emails and SMS. But handwritten letters is the best way to express your feelings to your partner or spouse.

When it comes to love letters, it’s important to use your own original touches. Learning to write your own letters ensures that no one will ever express feelings for this person in the exact same way that you do.

It takes time to put your thoughts onto paper in a manner that reads well. When truly written from the heart, they are bound to capture attention and leave your beloved blushing by the end of it. Then, they’ll never complain about you being romantic.

Do you think love letters are only written on valentine days, anniversary days, and several other days? NO! To write a love letter you don’t need to search for a reason.

It’s written to show affection and emotions towards the dear ones so use proper expressions to impress your feelings to your lover. Don’t play with wrong feelings when you are truly expressing your love for someone.

It contains every single emotion and expression that leaves a positive impact on your life. Be confident and sincere when you express your love. Explain how your beloved makes you feel complete and veils all your negativities. Mention each and every positive change in your life that has occurred after falling in love with him/her. Let your lover feel how much you love him/ her.

It is important for a love letter to be sincere. Love letters are not tools of manipulation to be used for ulterior motives. Remember to write true from the heart! Saying the three magical words, “I Love You” will be the best way to close your letter.


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