HC HVAC & R Network gradually increasing pipeline leak is major cause of aging

abuse to change it, change the user private escape “guilt”

multi-housing units owner should have the “disaster preparedness”

YMG’s Sun Zhixia reports

Now, the urban concentration Heating Since the two and a half has been put into trial operation. In recent days, the reporter learned that the heating units, with the heat supply network are aging, Heating, “Paomaodilou” event has increased every year, and showing a rising trend.

Availability is “Paomaodilou” prone to

Interview, the reporter learned that some of the water heating run event, many people do not live in some place, not to heat the house.

Now, how many hands of the public housing units in the winter the family living room in the old city, suburban houses are not free. As the negligence, the owner is not a long time to check what is wrong with the room facilities in the end. Period, as the aging pipes, pipe was frozen even forgot to close the valve and other reasons, resulting in heating water leakage, not only property damage to their homes, also preying on the downstairs neighbors. Building, Room 1005 on the dakuang

home Decoration A, but not living at home who will go through the newspapers stop procedures. Heating on October 28 last year, pressure test, the living room of his house heating severely corroded pipeline in all disconnected due to their own homes and flooded the entire downstairs tenants. Sudden drop in pressure of heating unit was found, is the reason for receiving leaks investigation report, they immediately sent staff home off valve. At that time, two each room into the water, paved the composite wood flooring, including sofas, ceiling have been immersed in water, at home, more serious damage.

After responsibility for identification, building heating pipe from the heat and put into operation more than 10 years, indoor facilities, lack of maintenance, leading to severe corrosion, losses should be the users themselves.

It is understood that availability has become the leak, “multiple areas.” “500”, City Huayang heat companies and companies have many such examples. Not long ago, the Yellow Sea Road, Building 55, Room 502, Miss Jiang also met people in similar trouble. This set of her new home in the seaside this year had just finished renovation, originally intended to move to live New Year can be upstairs tenants for decoration, not to be hot this year, results at home Radiator Is the cracking, resulting in water running out inside. Together with the corridor of his house one of the two valves are open, so running water is very serious, Miss Jiang family parquet serious flood damage, the north side of the ceiling living room ceiling fell two sides, TV Cabinet and other furniture were in the water bubble.

Heating unit opened cure : galvanized pipe generally start from the inside of corrosion, scaling, often not so obvious from the outside, which in turn lead to blockage, resulting in poor water circulation, flow shortage, affecting heat effect. Especially, at the process pressure, the pressure reaches a certain limit after easily lead to burst pipes, broken water leakage. Some people find that when galvanized pipes rust out there (which mostly occurs in wet areas such as kitchen and bathroom), paid heed to beautify the outside coat of silver, in fact, it does little to protect against leakage effect also easy to cover up the existence of security risks. Once the correct approach is severely corroded pipe outside, they should advance Heating Before the arrival of the corrosion on the pipeline to replace lost, in order to avoid a “hidden bomb” to the family property at any time to lose.

Fragmentation of public control, no one is willing to “pay the bill”

The leaking radiator, there are many common heat supply residential buildings. However, although we normally share a heating pipe in the event of leakage, no one is willing to for money or maintenance. Community Services Wolong Huang

lived 106? 1, Mr. Jiang will encounter this situation.

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