Hedge fund managers have long been known for secrecy and a desire to shun the spotlight. However, the business has become highly competitive and many hedge fund operators are coming to the realization that they need an advantage and perhaps that’s where hedge fund PR comes in…


What good is the best performance record around if nobody knows about it? Public relations, marketing, and advertising are key elements in a successful hedge fund business plan. But unlike almost every other type of business on the universe, hedge funds managers face significant restrictions in these areas. Only registered/public funds, like mutual funds and investment companies, may market, advertise, and promote themselves and their performance records to the general public. In fact, the media is filled with these ads. However, non-registered/private hedge funds may only market, advertise and promote themselves and their performance records in very restricted manners.


Enter hedge fund PR… Many hedge fund managers realize that performance alone isn’t enough to get allocations. Recent surveys of institutional investors find reputation has become a primary consideration when choosing a hedge fund manager. And with institutions now representing up to 70% of hedge fund investors, the demand has increased for high-level communications that speak to a sophisticated audience, and that’s where hedge fund PR excels.


The success of a hedge fund ultimately comes down to talent – a firm’s financial experts, managers and traders.

Bring your talented staff to the forefront via hedge fund PR, establishing them as experts in the hedge fund space and acting as hedge fund PR brand ambassadors. In this regard, partner with a hedge fund PR firm whose hedge fund public relations strategies include making it a priority to generate exposure for their experts. It creates additional avenues to highlight the brand, and associates expertise with firm representatives in the process.


These hedge fund PR tactics can include placing op-ed articles, interviews and guest contributions by firm experts with helpful investment tips and trends. The media is ripe for hedge fund PR teams to make their hedge fund managers and traders available for comment. Hedge fund PR should make it a priority to make editors of key financial columns aware of hedge fund manager availability as a resource for quotes for relevant articles. Whether covering market conditions, trends or prospects for the industry, hedge fund managers should not shy away from contributing to stories.


A significant part of hedge fund PR has to do with developing a step-by-step program to build a strong brand identity – the sum total of associations people have with an organization – can help a fund manager heighten name recognition and credibility. Professional-level materials, created as part of a hedge fund PR program, that reflect the brand identity can position a fund to take advantage of opportunities in the institutional space and beyond.


A strong brand identity backed by a strategic hedge fund PR program can help fund managers weather severe setbacks by allowing them to draw on a reservoir of good associations already in place.

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