Society expects people to play their part like one big theater performance. Dads are expected to provide for the family’s needs, mow the lawn, handle the grill during barbecue parties and fix broken things. It is like forcing dads to be Do It Yourself (DIY) experts. Even if it seems archaic and some mums can basically do the job just as well, dads do have their role to play. However, not every man is innately good at fixing things. That is why, at times, you as his kid can actually give him a hand by giving him presents like a simple guide. DIY basically means doing it yourself instead of hiring other people to do it. It can be a good and bad thing. Back in the day, the yellow pages and the internet were non-existent. It was then essential to perform maintenance and such tasks on your own. Now that nearly every adult has a job and works – that did not really change much because hiring other people can get quite expensive.

Was there ever a time when your dad tried adding wallpaper to a room when he really did not know how to go about the task? It was probably your mum that saved the day and the room. In addition, it is not so uncommon for some not so skilled DIY people to drill into electric cables and water pipes. They could have even drilled through both at the same time! Still, doing things yourself can really save a lot of money. Money spent on buying your new bike or a bigger TV for the whole family. Dads actually get it right… eventually. This Christmas, consider giving Christmas presents like a subscription to a magazine or buy him a DIY book. You could also read a bit about the latest power tools in the market. Gifts for men can certainly be more modern tools like a cordless reciprocating saw.

You can always provide help when your dad yelps during a DIY task.

Assist him when you can. It can even be a learning process for both of you as well as a way to spend quality time together. Aside from that, gifts that can help him do the tasks much easier will also be good gift ideas. Simply consider what he has and get what he does not. A dad will always be a more practical person. Therefore, useful gifts will always be better.



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